Dear reader,

Welcome to 0 excuses Fitness! This first post will be a short one since I’ve slept like three hours in the past two days (nights?) and have been busy at “work” pounding out a couple of new books, “0 excuses fitness” being one of them which will be sold through this website as well as on Amazon etc.

Actually, the last week has seen me crank out around SIX books. Such is life when one is in “flow”. Things just start to flow automatically, and one thing happens after the other. And regardless of physical exhaustion, the “words” just keep POURING out like chocolate syrup out of a vending machine, thick, creamy, delicious –  but most of all, with SUBSTANCE.

And no frills whatsoever. A quick gander at the “description” page for 0 excuses fitness will likely explain what I mean.

Those who know me personally are well aware of my brutally honest, down to earth and DIRECT communication style. That same style is in evidence on my personal website at www.rahulmookerjee.com, and will be evidenced in my blog writings here as well.

I do eventually plan on moving all the old blog material from rahulmookerjee.com on to THIS site, but for now, head on over to the blog at that location for some GREAT fitness related reads.

Other hand, stay tuned for new posts here as well. I’ll be trying to update as frequently as possible – thats for sure.

And now I’m off for some much needed ZZZ’s. My fingers just don’t have their own life anymore – time to RECHARGE!

Ciao for now!

Rahul Mookerjee