Deep breathing VS holding the breath

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Man oh man, am I ZONKED! WHAT A RUSH!

12:42 P.M.

I just got done with 50 reps of my favorite
exercise, BAR NONE.

BAR NONE, and I’ll repeat that until pigs fly out my
ass or until I’m six feet under, whichever comes

I’m also way rushed for time. I’ve got about 10-15
minutes top to write this, and that includes finding
and installing a plug in to “auto post” to Facebook
when I post something on my new blog.

This “best” exercise isn’t purely a pushup btw. No,
its NOT a “wrestler’s pushup”, or “Hindu” pushup.
And NO, it is NOT a squat.

All of these are great, but they don’t hold a candle
to what I’m mentioning.

It is NOT climbing hills, by the way, although I
highly recommned hill training for superior fitness.

It is NOT, I repeat, NOT yoga, though it involves
stretching. I’ve however been told by a certain
idiot that it “resembles” yoga, but isn’t real yoga.

Well, I never said it was, did I now????

And truth be told, most of the people who espouse
this sort of garbage couldn’t even get into the
initial position required to begin with, much less
pound out the reps.

Yes, I “be speaking in forked tongue”. Lesson to be
learnt? Never use a translator when trying to learn
a foreign language. More on that later though.

Ah yes, deep breathing. VS holding the breath.

Would you believe it if I told you that though deep
breathing is key to improving not just in workouts
but EVERY aspect of your life, one of the best
things you can do for yourself is actually – HOLD
your breath – when – GET this – your OUT OF breath?

Yes, you heard that right. Now I’m not telling you
to hold your breath while exercising, by the way.

NO. Thats NOT what I’m saying, and neither is this
“pure breath control”, although it kind of is in a

I did not even mention this in my latest fitness
manual as most people either won’t believe it,
period, or will not apply the advice given

But, done correctly this one little tip, combined
with the “best” exercise ever will leave you ZONKED
and “buzzed” for the rest of the day, and I am NOT
shitting you there.

I’ve literally been buzzed for MORE than a day from
doing a 100 reps of this exercise, and thats NOT an
exaggeration, my friends.

More on that later as well. 12:49 P.M.

I’m out. Time to deal with the plugin and jump in a
cold shower.



PS: 1:00 PM. Couldn’t quite figure out the auto post. Project for later!

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