My Two Math Teachers

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My Two Math teachers

Dear Reader,

Now, right off the bat you might be wondering what Math has got to do with fitness, correct?

And I wouldn’t blame you. Though Math was one of my favorite subjects and one in which I excelled, I don’t use much Math in my daily life other than adding up reps while working out, and counting moneeeee, hehe.

Actually, speaking of which I don’t use much of what I learned in college or school anyway in my real life. Personally I think most “commercialized” education systems feed you a crock about life in general, not just education.

Anyway, my Math teacher in 12th grade took me aside once and said “Your good at Math. Why don’t you work harder to improve?” (this after I scored a C on the examination. Could have probably got an A+, and he probably saw that).

Fast forward a few years later and my Math prof (CAL 102) takes me aside into his office and asks me why I dont attend a single class of his.

And more to the point, how I consistently aced all the examinations he gave out without attending a single class.

Well, one reason was that I knew a lot of the stuff already, although I had forgotten it to be honest. But, his class was more like a primer for me, and boring as heck. While the rest of the students were flummoxed about how to equations etc, or whatever they have in Calculus (I forgot again), I was banging through the problems and getting straight A’s.

“You need something more challenging”, were his words as he walked straight through the door, waving an “A” exam paper at me.

Fast forward a couple of months, and it was midterms. I failed the midterm he gave me.

Prof called me in again, and – get this – handed the test paper back to me without grading it.

“You can do better”, was all he said.

He then looked at his watch, and said “there are a few hours until this needs to be finally submitted” (was about 1/2 a day IIRC). “Go home, and work on this again”.

All this said mildly, and yet something struck a chord.

I went home – and redid the whole darn thing within the space of a few hours and ended up with a B on the midterm, and an A in the class.

And NO, my prof did NOT tell me to go on and get a degree in Math, although I myself chose to get a minor in Math. ALL he said was “you should try and get a Master’s degree”.

And thats it.

Thanks for the advice, Dr. K. You were more right than you knew, althought NOT because you advised me to get a Masters degree.

Now, and again, what the heck does this have to do with fitness?

But it does, my friend. And NOT just the “challenge” part.
It sure as hell does.

See if you can find the lesson in it.

Very best,

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