Buttons popping off that “lower shirt area”?

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Dear Reader,

One of the tests, or should I say “my tests” to determine if your seriously overweight does NOT involve the scale, although the scales are obviously a reliable indicator as well.

It does NOT involve “skinfold” measurements, or “BMI” indexes, neither of which I have ever paid much heed to, for various reasons.  At my current bodyweight of around 60 kgs and a body fat percentage of probably around 3% (well, not that low, but you get the drift) I’d probably be classified as “seriously malnourished”, or some such junk.

And yet the truth is, my friends, I’ve never felt BETTER – and stronger – than I do now.

A lot of folks may look at the cover picture of my book “Succeed against all odds”, and say that “looks good”. I was around 75 kgs at the time, which what the “medical men” consider to be an “ideal” weight, and yet I could NOT do many of these things I do now, including the VERY BEST EXERCISE I constantly “tout” in my exercise book.

And therefore, I never quite got that buzz going, despite doing literally hundreds of pushups etc daily.

YES, I was in great shape, but not as good as NOW!

Anyhow, getting back to the overweight part.

Fact also is that at one point in my life I’d be “looking down at my belly after lunch” to see “if them buttons were fixing to pop off”.

I’d be feeling bloated all day long, and I’d have zero energy to do anything. I’d be cranky, and get next to nothing accomplished. Most of all, I was accumulating way too much “junk in the trunk” if you get my drift.

Not good. And so, whats my patented test to see if your seriously overweight, or even a little overweight?

Simple – get in the “table” position of the “table pushup” that I teach in my book, and HOLD for time. Thats all. Don’t DO the pushup. Just HOLD.

Those of you that are seriously overweight will NOT be able to do this for more than a few seconds before you find your shoulders beginning to shake, and your lower abs (and lower back) beginning to cramp due to the sheer (unnecessary) burden placed on it by all that excess “tubbage”.

And a lot of you that have weak lower backs will feel it in that area, although not in the shoulders most likely due to less weight.

A great, great exercise, my friends. One that has been around for ages, and one that is OFTEN IGNORED.

It’s by far not the key to fitness by itself, and yet, it’s an essential “side” item, so to speak.

And if your interested in more “nuggets” of info as mentioned above, then get my book. It’s got ALL the information you need to ensure that “dem buttons don’t be popping off anytime soon”, hehe.

All for now!

Very best,

Rahul Mookerjee


P.S.: – The fitness book is available right here: – http://0excusesfitness.com/the-book/.

P.S. #2 : – My other books are available on Amazon for now. Navigate to my author page at http://www.amazon.com/author/rahulmookerjee to stay updated on future releases!

P.S #3: – These other books will ALL be available from my other site at www.rahulmookerjee.com at some point in the very near future. I’ll send a shout out once thats done!

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