Coming soon! These videos will show you how to actually PERFORM the exercises that I detail in the manual.

Text and pictures are important, and you DO need to read the instructions –  but a video allows me the opportunity to actually “do” what I’m talking about and actually show you HOW to do said exercises.

Did I just repeat myself? Probably, but the reason I did that is because it’s important to know that although I literally “poured  my heart out” in the written version of the book, there are ALWAYS more things coming to my mind, things that aren’t always possible to include in a written course.

Those “little things”. Those “quirks”. Etc etc. How to loosen up your lower back correctly  before executing the wrestler’s bridge, and much, much more.

And therefore, I’ll be putting up these videos on my site soon. These will be available either WITH the book (as a “package”), or you can buy them as “standalone” videos (although I’d recommend the former option).

Should be all up and running by next week. Catch as catch can obviously on that one!

Very best!

Rahul Mookerjee

P.S.: – My “old” blog at is STILL a VERY useful read in case your looking for “free” fitness tips. Roll on over there pronto for some interesting reads.