Join me in my living room

… my friend, as I take you through the WORKOUT from HELL!

My forearms are so sore while I’m typing this that I’m accidentally missing letters etc while typing. All WITHOUT DOING A SINGLE PULL-UP or  what are commonly referred to as “grip workouts”.

The key thing I’m selling, and the key fact to note about my book is that as the name states, there are literally NO EXCUSES!

You literally need nothing but your own living room, or just a few square feet of space to get the WORKOUT of your LIFE.

In my videos you’ll see there is no equipment in my living room whatsoever, except for a yoga mat that cost me less than $5 USD, and you don’t even need that to begin with. A pillow (as shown in my videos, again) is ALL you need.

NO pull -up bars.

NO “Ron Simmons”, and certainly NO SPANDEX, hehe. If anything I’m wearing an old workout vest and shorts, and guess what, I would not trade those for the WORLD.

No  mirrors to preen and pose and “admire my spread” (no puns intended, haha).

And yet, I’m BUZZED within 40 minutes FLAT, and that is NOT an exaggeration.

Join me in my living room my friend, and I’ll give you the same effect within 20 minutes flat.

Very best,


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P.P.S #2: – Though the video depicts a workout from hell, what I do often times is even tougher, and YES, I finish within 30 minutes or less. For more on that, stay tuned for “0 Excuses Fitness – the ADVANCED version”.

8 minutes as of typing this. I’m out!