Meat grinder forearms

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Man, I can barely type! I just got done with my workout, and while I’m buzzing the usual level, my forearms seem to have been put through a pounding from hell – more than they normally get put through!

Ever noticed that “swollen to the bone” feeling after a great grip workout?

Those of you that know the importance of training the grip and actually do so will know what I’m referring to. Of course, your in the minority. Most folks dont even THINK about the grip, and thats a big, big mistake, my friends.

But anyway, my forearms have that exact same feeling going, and get this – without doing a single pull up or a rep of what could be considered to be a “pulling” movement.

Ok, I hear those of y’all that have a copy of 0 Excuses Fitness. I know how you accomplished that!

Well, I don’t blame you for feeling that way – but NO, what I did today is NOT mentioned in 0 Excuses Fitness. In fact most advanced trainees wouldn’t even be able to complete ONE rep of said exercise, and that, my dear readers, is NOT an exaggeration by ANY stretch of the imagination.

It’s one for “0 Excuses Fitness – the advanced version” (I believe I spoke about this in an earlier post a few days ago).

Fingertip pushups? Yes – but NOT the sort you’d think they are.

I’ll give you one, and only one HINT – and that is “finger positioning”.

And no, it’s NOT spreading the fingers wide apart, or taking fingers away!

Anyway, while I let you ponder that one, here’s another great – and FREE workout – that’s NOT mentioned in 0 Excuses Fitness.

Well, it is, actually … But, it’s one of those “golden tips” that is so often overlooked in favor of the “main things”.

And what IS IT?

Well, it’s carrying 20 liter “barrels” of water up and down flights of stairs for multiple times a day. These are the sort of barrels that have a “snout”, so you can actually “grip” them rather than “bear hug” them, which is what most folks do.

And thats what yours truly did for a good portion of the day yesterday.

Arms straight, NO BENDING at the elbow. It’s a version of the farmer’s walk, except a bit tougher made by the fact that that “snout” gets HARDER AND HARDER to grip as time goes by.

Do it, and you’ll see what I mean!

And if you do – well – be on the lookout for some MAJOR league soreness, my friend! Not just in the forearms by the way – you’ll feel your TRAPS SCREAMING at you the next day.

Last, but not least, bear hugging is NOT the best way to do this exercise, despite a) the fact that it may seem like and b) despite the fact that it will “stress the biceps more”. Fact.

And thats it for now. More later!


P.S.  – Do NOT just ignore the “golden nuggets” section in 0 Excuses Fitness! The section has been named what it is for a GOOD REASON!

P.S.#2 – And if your still on the fence about grabbing the book, jump on over NOW –

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