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And as I slowly descend back from Planet Earth (reference the last post), and prepare to very RELUCTANTLY (and unashamedly so) address the rest of the day ahead, I figured I’d “give away” one of the “tips” I believe I have mentioned numerous times before on the old blog.

Make of that what you will, especially the part about reluctance, but one of the BEST recovery tips (in addition to massage, which I DO talk about in the book) is a shower – and NOT a hot shower. It’s the exact opposite.

That’s right, an ice cold shower after a hot, hard and sweaty (NO puns intended) workout.

And while the above may not sound “out there” to those residing in hot climes, it WILL sound a bit odd to ALL of you when I say the very same thing applies to those residing in COLD climates.

That’s right. Jumping straight into a cold shower after a workout IN COLD WEATHER, no less,can have a tremendous energizing effect on the body. You don’t necessarily need to become a card carrying member of the polar bear club to experience this either.

For those of you that have actually tried this, I’ll bet you remember the way  your heart literally RACED while that cold BLAST HIT YOUR ENTIRE BODY. And I’ll bet you anything you remember the “warm” feeling as you stepped outside in what you’d normally consider to be freezing weather.

I’ll get into all this in depth in a later post, but for now, suffice it to say that despite what it may sound like, I ain’t got NOTHING against hot showers. In fact I’ll often turn the shower onto HOT, but – and this is key – only and AFTER only I jump into a cold blast (as cold as it gets anyway).

As an aside, I do remember mentioning 250 pushups in the last post. Should be more like 265 – except the 15 or so “miscellaneous” pushups almost seemed like a spoiler of sorts…

And I’m out – more again tomorrow!


P.S. : – And no, NOT every one of these emails contains a “marketing link”.  Click through on the tabs if you so choose, and “yer shall find”.

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