I – LITERALLY – have NOTHING left.

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Dear reader,

Yes, you read that right. I collapsed on the ground about 85% or so through my workout, and STAYED there for a good few minutes before I mustered up the gumption to “get up” (or “walk up” as it were). That in itself sounds a bit cryptic, doesn’t it?

Amazingly enough though, I don’t feel drained at all, despite the obvious physical exhaustion mentioned above.

I’m pumped – and it’s NOT the “steroid crazed” pump you see in the look of bodybuilders etc. Its a MENTAL pump.

I’m ready to tackle a grizzly if it came charging at me, but perhaps most astoundingly, what I’d do would be to “pat him on the head” and ask him to calm down.

And in the “Zen” like (translation – TRANCE like) state I’m in right now, I could probably hypnotize said grizzly into rolling over and playing ball.

Now, the above might sound like fantasy to you, and while the “grizzly” part is quite obviously a figure of speech, the rest of the stuff, ESPECIALLY the mental part, is anything BUT.

I’m quite literally zoned out at the time of writing this. I seem to vaguely recall a delivery guy knocking on my door but it was a faraway knock (about less than half a foot in reality).

Time stopped, despite my obvious preference for quick workouts. Amazingly enough I look at the clock now, and I’m at 45:34 minutes.

And no, despite the “airy fairy” sounding part of this, what I did ain’t yoga. Some of it may mimic a few yoga stretches (then again, they  may not), but NO, it ain’t yoga by a long shot.

Back to terra firma, I hear you say. Earth to  Rahul! And so forth.

Well, as I’m descending from “cloud nine”, I’ll give you what I did. A 100 squats, followed by a 250 pushup workout – but I really should say “250/3” workout, because I did nothing but three types of pushups in this workout.

“Wrestler” pushups made up about 47-50 of these. The rest were all done “Rahul style”, patented with my own touch as I’ve mentioned in the book.

Actually, I went WAY BEYOND what is mentioned in the book. That’s a story for another day though – however, for now, know that the advanced version of the book is most definitely in the works.

And this relaxed state, this state of utter BLISS my friend can happen to YOU as well, my friend, and it WILL happen if you train the way I advocate in my book.

Speaking of which, I’ll have a testimonials page up on the site, probably within a couple of days or less. Stay tuned for that as well.

All for now!


P.S.: – I should really be as thirsty as a man stranded in the Sahara right about now, and I probably am, but my “trance” like state makes me feel the exact opposite.

P.S. #2 – Still on the fence? Still don’t believe me? Well, be on the outlook for the testimonials page soon, my friend.

P.S. #3 – The videos accompanying the BOOK are right HERE: – http://0excusesfitness.com/videos/

P.PS  #4 – And no, I’m not concerned about typos in this note if any. I’m way more concerned with getting the blood flowing back to my fingers, wrists and forearms, hehe.

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