Can I do it, too?

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Dear reader,

Following on from yesterday’s post, the next problem we encounter with most folks (fitness wise) is SELF DOUBT.

And again, thats actually applicable to most areas of people’s lives to varying degrees, not just fitness.

I constantly get comments of “Oh, he’s so fit!” or “Wow, you so fit!” (if we’re talking “Chinglish”, hehe).

” Can I do it too? ”

“Oh, you must be naturally flexible”. And so forth. The self doubt just pours out like water from a fire hose, manifesting itself as future excuses as to why the person “cannot do it” as opposed to simply saying “Right, let’s get down to it NOW!”.

I mentioned this last night, of course, but it bears repeating here.

Look, fellas (and ladies), I am NOT by any stretch of the imagination genetically “lean”, or whatever it is you might think by looking at my current “avatar”. In fact, and I make no bones about it – there have been plenty of times in my life I was overweight, and I’ve been obese as well, so I know exactly how that feels.

If you don’t believe me – well – take a gander at the pictures at the end of the book. Enough said.

Neither am I “naturally flexible”, or “naturally strong”, or any of that nonsense. If anything it’s always been the exact opposite my entire life.

But yes, I AM in the best shape of my life now – and yes, I AM in better shape than the vast majority of average folks out there (and in some ways I’d say in better shape than even some professional athletes – again, in SOME ways).

And as I say on my video page, if I can do it – so CAN YOU –

So banish that self doubt, and JUST DO IT!

HOW do I do it? Well, that part should be self explanatory, eh? It’s about as simple as clicking an “order” button and “getting her done”.

Thats of course where the procrastination starts for most folks. Don’t be one of them.

Order now, and watch your LIFE change for the BETTER!

Very best,


P.S. – The book page has a few snippets too if I recall correctly –

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