Donald J. Trump

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Dear reader,

Well, first off, this may sound like it’s not about fitness, at least if you go by the title of this blog post, and at first glance I wouldn’t blame you for feeling that way.

But it IS, my friend. It is – and before you say it, let me go on record stating this is NOT some sort of a weird attempt at guerrilla publicity or anything of that nature. The post is titled what it is for a REASON, and that reason will (or should, at any rate) be self-evident to anyone that reads on.

Second, I don’t particularly care two hoots about politics (in any country for that matter). I believe self improvement is always and only an individual responsibility. Leaders can help – but only so far.

To put it another way, and this is a saying often used in certain parts of China “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink it”.

Fitness wise, that translates into “I can give you the right tools and even tell you how to USE them – but if you don’t use them – well – it’s all for nought”.

But getting back to Trump, who on a personal level seems to be a man after my own heart.

Rabble raiser “el supremo”, says it like it is and doesn’t particularly care whether anyone likes it or not. About as politically incorrect and brutally honest as they get, and all the more so considering he’s in a very public position that would “normally require” him to be the exact opposite.

Like he cares. And good for him.  

I have NO qualms in saying the world needs MORE people like Trump – and again, this is not about his political affiliations. Personally I don’t agree with some of what he says – but – and make no mistake – I AGREE 100 percent and MORE with the candid WAY in which he says what he does.

And I don’t particularly care if your a U.S. president, office worker or average Joe. ANYONE with that kind of brutally honest and down to earth style is MY type of man, and that’s just the  bottom line.

As you can probably tell from my writings, I tend to say it EXACTLY as it is – and EXACTLY how I feel. If that offends some people, so be it.

And home truths often do, such as when folks are told they are “fat and out of shape” – not so much because they don’t have access to the right info, but because and like I said yesterday – the majority of folks out there are plumb damn LAZY. Period.

Trump “bucks the trend” on a regular basis, and a lot of what I say about fitness does as well – but in BOTH cases, people LISTEN, whether you know it or not.

Let’s be honest. Brutal honesty gets straight to the core of the matter and gets you THINKING – and FEELING.

And as you can probably imagine, a lot of folks end up reacting “defensively” to what is actually true, and spending way too much energy “attacking the messenger” than actually LISTEN – and COMPREHEND the point the guy is trying to convey. 

And this, my friend holds true in all facets of life.

Again, how does this relate to fitness?

Well, it might if your the “overweight individual” that “just can’t seem to lose weight no matter how long he/she “pounds” the proverbial treadmill – with cellphone in hand, no less”.

When such an individual is told that there is a far easier to way to get in shape than doing what she does, and is told in no uncertain terms to a) stop being lazy, and b) focus, here are the reactions: –

  1. Surprise (how can that be possible! Bodyweight is easy! How on earth can I lose weight that way!)
  2. Indignation (How dare he “judge” me, and claim “his way is better than mine”)
  3. Resignation (after the “why” part is explained, even though it should be self-explanatory)
  4. And finally, the “sigh” which pretty much states “I don’t want to make the effort to do this. I’d rather just sit on el coucho and grumble about how hard it is to get fit, while “envying” those that do have the gumption to keep at it on a regular basis”)

Laugh all you like, my friend, or simmer away – the choice is yours – but what I’ve said above is true in the vast majority of cases, and as I’ve been saying over the last couple of days pretty much sets you up for failure.

My own fitness methods and especially diet are “strange” and unconventional to say the LEAST – but boy do they WORK – and that’s a FACT.

My book definitely starts off by “bucking the trend”. Most people’s jaws drop to the floor when they hear me mention my favorite exercise – not so much because of the exercise itself, but because of the benefits I say – and promise – it will give THEM if done correctly.

And thats OK, me thinks. So long as it works is what counts.

I’d rather “buck the trend” and actually workout, for instance, rather than stopping to check my smartphone every nanosecond for the latest useless “Facebook update” (insert social media network for choice).

As I have often said – the computer was a great invention, and so was the Internet. Cellphones are useful, but smartphones in my opinion are the very BANE of focus and creativity (well, one of the main ones anyway).

All for now – if your working out today – make it a GREAT, GREAT one!

Very best,


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