Listen to your body!

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Dear Reader,

Although I do and will continue emphasizing the value of DAILY exercises (as opposed to the nonsense of  “letting muscle groups rest” and “three day routines” etc etc), there ARE times when you need to listen to your body.

This holds especially true if you’ve been training hard, and have other commitments as well which most of us probably do.  In fact it holds true even if training is an integral part of your “job” (i.e. if your a pro athlete etc) but those folks do it as part of their job, so it needs to be handled somewhat differently.

But for the vast majority of you, let me start out by saying – LISTEN UP – “listening to your body” does not mean plopping down on the couch after 5 minutes of trying to stretch “into” the bridge, for example.

It doesn’t mean giving up halfway through the set of 50 pushups that I’ve assigned you (for instance), and returning to the good old TV.

And so forth. Listening to your body DOES however mean listen to it WHILE you train.

What do I mean?

Well, as I was rushing to get my workout in, and started, something didn’t quite feel right.

Got through a 50 or so squats, but though I wasn’t really panting and out of breath, something didn’t quite FEEL right.

Started in on the pushups, and ditto.

Now, I could have “thrown in the towel” at that point and headed on outside (I’m fixing to hit the road soon). But I did NOT – instead what I did was changed my routine up.

And all I did was 85 pushups – and man – I’m worked to the BONE. My lower back is “talking to me” as I write this, and thats a good thing, hehe.

Now, this might sound like a piddly amount given I generally do between 250-400, but the key thing to remember is QUALITY as opposed to quantity. I can make 10 pushups harder than 100.

And no, that doesnt mean you don’t shoot for high reps – it means you do so in CORRECT FORM.

Anyway, point I’m trying to make is I didnt just give up and sit on my ass and do nothing. I’ll address this in a later post sometimes, but sitting is by far one of the VERY WORST things you can do for your overall health, both internally and externally.

Anyway, I feel kind of zoned out, which is a great way to hit the road. Relaxed, zoned out, and at peace with the world, hehe.

What more could you ask for?

All for now!

Rahul Mookerjee

P.S.: – This “zoned” (or zonked as I like I to term it) feeling is pretty evident from my breathing and face in the videos. Grab them HERE for the workout of your lives –

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