Exercise to “get in the flow”

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Dear reader,

Man, there’s just so MUCH to share today that I could probably write a book instead of a blog post. Speaking of which, that is probably what I’m going to jump in RIGHT AFTER this post.

An oft used term is “getting in the flow”, which (and this is keeping is REAL simple) means your getting things done with minimal effort (or what may SEEM like minimal effort). I talk about this at length in most of my books, and this is the #1 KEY (or one of them, at any rate) to success at just about endeavor in life.

I care not if it’s fitness, writing, success with the opposite sex, finding new employment, or simply being able to “pursue your dreams” – getting – and more importantly, STAYING in the flow is key.

Anyway, one of the ways I get in flow is to, and as you might imagine, EXERCISE.

Exercise (done the right way) gets the blood flowing, the heart pumping, and most importantly – – regardless of reps etc, it gets your BREATHING GOING!

And THIS, my friend, is what gets you in that “zoned” out state (ZONKED as I like to put it) that  you see in my videos and that I keep mentioning over and over again in my books.

AND THIS feeling is what puts you in the ZONE!

I’ve used exercise to boost creativity. I’ve used exercise to quite literally “have books write themselves” while I’m working out – and yes, I keep a sheet of paper handy at times during my workout. Never quite know what might pop into my head, and if you don’t write it down, you risk forgetting it.

And no, I brook NO interference during my workout. Doorbells, delivery guys, cell phones, and especially IM’s can ALL wait – but ideas cannot.

Oh, and did I mention getting supremely fit somewhere in there??

Look, my workout is NOT just about getting fit. It’s about getting in the ZONE, and accomplishing what I want to in my life. About doing what I desire WITH NO limits, and certainly NO boundaries (all the more so none that are “imposed” by others in any way, shape or form).

Tell me I can’t do it, and I’ll tell you to … ah, you get the drift there, hehe.

All for now. As for what I did today … well, a lot of the usual stuff I mention, but the second 100 reps of my workout were basically all done “on my back”, hehe. Take that for what you will!

Off to write,


P.S. : – The book and videos are available right here on the site – grab ’em NOW!

P.S #2: – For those that may be wondering, this new “book” (or manual, actually) is NOT related to fitness. Contact me privately if you want to know more!

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