Madam “D” and Madam “F”

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Dear reader,

Well, well, well. Just got done with a BALL BUSTER of a workout. Tough, tough, tough, and despite the AIR-CON on at FULL blast, I’m sweating like a fat man at a dance, hehe.

This post kind of “wrote” itself while I was training. Those that have been following my writings and have bought my books know what exactly that means. Those that haven’t – well – get on the STICK!

This is a great, great feeling, my friend. Work doesnt seem like work. Things just effortlessly flow for lack of a better term.

And NO, exercise is NOT the only reason for this, but one of the MAIN ones.

Now, as for what I did, lets say 350 pushups – except that was ONE part of the routine. And some of those pushups weren’t even what most folks would consider pushups.

And it took less than 50 minutes. 48: something, if I’ve got it right.

Most folks would be hard pressed to follow along with me for TEN minutes, let alone more than that. The lady who took the videos for me, for instance, couldn’t do ONE rep of some of the exercises I teach, and she’s in pretty good shape to start with.

But at least she tried, and thats the point of today’s post.

Ah yes, Madam “F” and “D”.

Let’s start with “F” first, and NOT because it’s “f for first”, haha.

Before I start though, let me make it clear that I don’t a) “know” these women “for years” and b) both are business contacts that contacted me for a reason completely other than fitness.

Neither are my current customers, though I might be training A soon. Then again, I might not. All depends.

Anyhow, so F is curious about my routine and asks me. I tell her.

Pretty much the same thing I tell y’all in my posts, and pretty much the same darn thing I say in my book. All “from the heart”, and all brutally honest and unfiltered. THE REAL SCOOP, some might call it.

And her response was typical of most people that give up even before they start.

“Oh, thats too difficult”.

“Oh, I have no time”.

“Oh, I couldn’t do this”. “Oh, work is a priority”. “Oh, I like nothing better than to collapse on the couch after a hard day and do NOTHING”.

And ALL the statements above are true, and probably the last one as well.

I addressed the issue of not being lazy in a prior post. Scroll back if your not aware of that, and READ it. I address this issue in depth in my book as well.

Look, fellas (and ladies) – there is no way  you’ll get ANYWHERE if you don’t “get off your duff” and actually DO something. Something. Anything. But DO something.

Emerson once said, “Do the thing and you’ll have the power”. There is great wisdom in the words.

Way too many people wimp out before they even start, and give in to their inner laziness.

As the Chinese say, “You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink”.

On that note, on to Madam “D”.

This woman is looking for better ways to get – and STAY fit. I told her the same thing I told the above lady, and while her initial response was somewhat similar, her responses after that were not.

She asked me what my definition of “fit” was.

She was pretty honest about the fact that she couldn’t hold a bridge for more than 10 seconds.

And thus forth.

And you know what, fella?

THAT is what I want. THAT is exactly what I’m looking for.

Someone that is HONEST about their current situation, but MORE IMPORTANTLY, someone that at least tries – and someone that’s at least OPEN to learning new things!

That last bit about being OPEN is KEY!

Hell, at least she knows what “holding a bridge” refers to. Lady “E” (one who I will refer to in a future post) said she did when I asked her, but ended up sending me a picture of the  London bridge to reference what I was referring to.

Laugh all you like, folks, but it’s true.

And there you have it. TRY. START SOMEPLACE.

More importantly, do something.

Try not to make excuses every time you have a goal. You’ll find this moves mountains quicker than you ever imagined (and heavier than you thought possible).

All for now!

Very best,


P.S: – The videos are a must grab along with the book: –


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