Yet another great workout “in the books”, and my opinion on time wasters

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Dear reader,

It’s 5:56 P.M. in China at the time of writing this.

Sounds like today’s topic is actually 2 topics in one, and it might well be – but it’s not.

Anyway lets just say first off that its YET another GREAT workout in the books. Did the “25 pushup” routine today (which I believe I do detail in the book as opposed to what I did yesterday) plus 125 squats.

I ended with 50 reps of my favorite exercise, plus some ADVANCED stretches – stuff that scares the “bejesus” out of the majority of folks when they look at me doing it, and that’s NOT an exaggeration!

I’ll be coming out with an “advanced” version of the fitness book soon, but to be quite frank, what I mention in the “basic” course is MORE THAN ENOUGH for the VAST majority of folks to work upon for a lifetime.

See the section on “mastery” (one amongst many): – 

I feel great – and guess what – this great feeling will last ALL EVENING. In fact I slept around 6 hours last night.

So “pumped” was I after session #2 last night that I had to literally force myself to sleep if you can believe that.

In short, another BALL BUSTER – and guess what – it got done within 50 minutes FLAT. That’s including rest periods, by the way, but NOT “long” rest periods.

See my videos here for more on the rest periods (, but for now, that brings me to topic #2, and thats time wasting.

And time WASTERS.

My own workouts are short and sweet as you can tell. In fact, I can get a great workout in less than 20 minutes if I so choose – all without leaving the relative privacy and “sanctity” (or should I say sanity, hehe) of my own home.

And if there’s something I hate more than procrastination, it’s wasting time.

Why? Well, though procrastination is to be avoided and SHOULD be avoided for that matter, “tis” but natural for even the most disciplined amongst enough to “slack off” every so often.

And like I mentioned in yesterday’s post (or was that the day before?) “yours truly” sometimes DOES need a gentle push or a kick up the arse to “get her done”.

Hey, what can I say – I’m human too – but I’ll say that those times are literally FAR AND FEW IN BETWEEN for me.

Such is NOT the case with the vast majority of folks out there.

“Oh, I might”. “Oh, maybe”.

“Oh, I’ll let you know” (and they never do).

And so on and so forth.

And so, I’m deeply appreciative when I meet people that DO actually value other people’s time and say it like it is WITHOUT wasting time!

I don’t care if said person is a customer, or a potential customer, or will never be a customer. I care not, amigo.

What matters is RESPECT. Respect for the other person’s time, and by extension the other person.

And so – thank you, Madam “S”. Thanks for not wasting time, and being about as honest (though not “brutally so” as I am, hehe) as I am – I am deeply appreciative. “Mucho” respect sent your way!

You may or may not ever be a customer, and quite frankly I don’t care either way. But, I’ll be happy to offer you a free training session if you so choose someday!

And that, my friends, is what it ALL boils down to, both in life and training wise.

Don’t waste time – either yours or the other person’s.

Respect time – the other person’s time, and YOUR own time as well.

Above all, recognize that we are ALL human. Treat every human being you come across with decency and respect, at least to the best extent possible.

And there endeth today’s rather long “sermon” from Preacher General “Mookerjee”, hehe.

6:12 P.M.

I’m  OUT!

Very best,


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