The “low ‘n slow” routine!

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Dear reader,

The low and slow routine that actually turned into the “fast gear workout”, if I may put it that way.

Sounds cryptic, I know. What do I mean?? Well, I’ll explain!

Today was a HO HUM day for me. I dont know if thats because I’ve been hitting it hard in terms of my writing for the past three days (and nights) or if it’s something else, but whatever it was, I just couldn’t “get into the groove today” (and I’m NOT referring to my workout here).

One of those “slow” days, and so I figured I’d do a “slow mo” workout today WITHOUT worrying about either reps/time.

I felt I’d hit about a 100 pushups and call it a day. That’s more than what most people do in a WEEK, or month, by the way – and NO, thats NOT an exaggeration by ANY stretch of the imagination, folks.

And so, I started off with about 50 squats. Felt the “energy” starting to pick up, but not quite (normally this gets me going INSTANTLY). Funny thing is I did them in less than 40 seconds, so it wasn’t that I took a long time.

Got to about 20 Hindus. Whoa! Now, I REALLY felt myself starting to pick up.

20 “table” pushups. More of the same!

And so forth. It was actually the “15-20 rep” workout for the first 100 pushups and then suddenly, inexplicably, it turned into the “40-40-20” routine before I slowed down again towards the end.

Took about 40 minutes, and I feel..

Wait a minute – I said it took 40 minutes – and yes I typed that right! It took LESS the amount of time than my regular workout does – NOT a LOT less, but a good 7 to 8 minutes shaved off.

Granted, I didnt stretch towards the end, so that takes about 5 minutes off it, but still – thats pretty good I’d say!

As for how I feel – I BE BUZZZZZZINNGGG!! I’m ready to take on the world, and that’s NOT an understatement.

I’ve often said this and I’ll say it again – pushups, pushups, and MORE pushups. One of the oldest, yet amazingly enough MOST ignored exercise there is, and the VERY BEST.

In fact I’m so buzzed I think I’ll do up an article on pushups shortly here. Stay tuned for that one.

For now though, there’s several tips in todays note. Go back and read it again if you haven’t been able to figure ’em out as yet – and NO, I’m NOT going to “spoonfeed” them.

Key reason I’m telling you all this is to get off your keister, and DO something – even when your not feeling good. Let’s face it – there are always days we don’t feel a 100% – but that doesnt mean we make excuses.

Do something – anything – and before you know it, that “anything” will turn into something quite substantial.

And if that doesnt convince you to get off “thy keister” and “DO”, then I dont know what will!



P.S. : – A “saggy kesiter” or “junk in the trunk” is a problem faced by many these days. “Table” pushups will go a LONG way towards resolving this! Here’s how to do ’em – The Book

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