More of the easy, less of the tough

Dear reader,

The above title might sound strange, but it’s a tip unto itself, and one that if followed correctly can actually make the “tough” easy.

My workout today was a repeat of yesterday’s routine i.e. 250 squats and 250 pushups, but it was DIFFERENT.

250 squats (I mixed in regular squats with an advanced “jumping” variation)

This took about 8-8.5 minutes, and then I was on to the pushups. Those took me around 45 minutes today, so I was done in less than an hour (about 60 minutes all in all including stretches at the end of my routine).

And – I am – to put it in one word, STOKED!

Now, as for the tough with the easy.

What I did for the squats is I did say “X” number of “jumping squats” and then did double that number for the regular ones. As I progressed, it wasn’t exactly double all the way through – so it might look something like 25 jumping squats, 36 regulars, but you get the drift. And, I finished in less than 8.5 minutes – pretty good going!

I could have progressed on to 500, of course, but I don’t do that many daily. In fact, as of the last two months I’ve just been doing 50-100 daily.

Changing it up a bit now, so I get more of the squats in, but whatever.

As for the pushups, I do the same thing. If you can get only, say, 2-3 reps of a REAL TOUGHIE, then do at least 15 reps of the same exercise in an easier way (or just do an easier exercise).

After that, return to the toughie, and you’ll be surprised when you see you can actually do a bit more of it than you could do the first time around.

Try this little tip, and let me know how it works for those of you stuck at a certain “number” of reps!



P.S.: – I spoke about changing things up, and this is key as well. And the other keys are right HERE –