How often should I exercise?

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Dear reader,

Along with the “I need a break from exercise today”, this is probably the other question that is first and foremost in a lot of people’s minds when it comes to exercise routines, and sticking to it no matter what.

“T’is” sad, but true … most folks actually look for reasons NOT to exercise rather than find ways to get around whatever problem is it that is is causing them to “not train” (and in most cases you’ll find there wasn’t a real problem there to start with at all).

And NO, it’s no excuse that this post comes “right on the heels of” my last post about being exhausted, but getting ‘her done anyway, and NO, I did NOT have to “push” myself in the slightest.

It all just “flowed” and yes, I know I use the term a LOT, but it’s true, my friend.

Anyway, my own recommendation would be to workout twice a day. This is what works best for me, and no, contrary to what your thinking it doesnt have to be a sweatfest all the time.

It does NOT have to be about setting personal records each and every time.

Key is to “do something”, even if that something lasts for about 10 minutes or so, as my second workout of the day (night) usually does.

All I usually do for that one is some dynamic stretches and static holds, and I’m done – and yet – I feel like a zillion bucks afterward despite outwardly not sweating (well, not a lot, at any rate).

And guess what – in addition to feeling good, you’ll also get MORE ACCOMPLISHED.

I’m a writer, and (as I’ve said countless number of times), my writing tends to “write itself” a lot of times while I’m working out, so much so that most of my blog posts are quite literally, in a sense, “written” while working out.

That doesnt mean I interrupt my workout, of course, but it does mean I keep a sheet of paper and pen handy at all times during my routine.

And YES – THIS post “came” to me while I was stretched out in a “bridge” position on a mat on the floor – and, well – here it is now!

And this is notwithstanding the physical benefits, of course. Like I said I’m usually “chained to the keyboard” most of the time, and end up with sore traps and upper back muscles (not to mention a “creaky” neck at times) – a ten minute stretching routine (10-15 tops) gets me feeling like new again.

Of course, my initial workout is never really “easy”, but I don’t hit it hard EACH AND EVERY SINGLE TIME!

And if there’s just one thing or tip I could impart in this post, it’s what I said right above.

There’s other tips “hidden” (not really) in there as well. See if you can find ’em!


Rahul Mookerjee

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