I’m exhausted!

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Well, dear reader, that I AM!

Been hard at work on a couple of new projects for the past few days, and it seems I haven’t had time to BREATHE, let alone do anything else. That in part probably explains the lack of a post yesterday…

But, all done now – for the nonce, at least – until I move on to the next project, which should be very soon!

Such is life when you are in the flow, when “effort” turns into “effortless” from a mental standpoint, and you just keep going until your body finally just tells you enough is enough.

Anyhow, if there was ever a day when I’d like to have skipped my workout (pun NOT intended), today was definitely it.

But I got her done anyway, and it was high rep squats today that really got the engine going, and cleared the cobwebs from my mind.

And once the mind was clear, my exhaustion suddenly dissipated to a large extent. Obviously not altogether, but to a large extent, and the squats were what got me doing today.

100, 50, 50 and before I knew it I was at 200. Cranked out 50 more, and then it was on to the pushups, the usual 250 routine.

And I feel GREAT now!

And guess what the key was to the squatting having opened the floodgates of “energy”?

Well, it wasnt just the high repetitions. It was the WAY in which they were done, and I’m not just referring to technique although thats its important.

There are literally DOZENS of fitness guys out there that’ll teach you the technique. A  lot of the exercises I’m using at this point and that I mention in my book are NOT new. They’ve been around for ages.

But I’ve seen hardly any courses that focus upon the correct way to BREATHE while doing these exercises, and THAT DEEP BREATHING, my friend is the key.

It’s 99 percent deep breathing and one percent technique. OK, maybe not quite that extreme, but you get the picture.

Moreover, a lot of the guys that teach these movements are NOT teaching you how to do them correctly, especially some of the squats and pushups I do.

But again, we come back to the breathing. Done correctly, THIS is really the key to your success. I care NOT if your lifting weights or doing bodyweight stuff BTW – the deep breathing is really what holds the key to your success.

May sound cryptic, but ’tis what it is!

All for now – back later!

Very best,


P.S. – It’s really not as cryptic as it sounds. In fact its blindingly simple, and the keys are right HERE: – The Book

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