A change of plans – and ROUTINE!

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Dear reader,

Well, it was certainly a deviation from my normal plans today. For a change I wasn’t “chained to the keyboard” for a few hours this afternoon – though that will start very soon again – and thats how I  prefer it anyway.

I’m a writer first and foremost and though I teach fitness and have been doing so for a while, if you were to ask me to name one thing that “defines” me I’d say “writing”.

Anyway, those of you “in the know” know that I usually get my workout in after a long “stint” at the keyboard, and that’s usually in the afternoon or thereabouts for the initial workout, and late night for the second, shorter one.

Well, I had a new schedule to adapt to today. Happens at the best of times, and I’m sure y’all reading this (especially those of you with “desk jobs” or kids,  or what not) know how that goes.

Hey, it happens. Schedules change, although I really, really, really hate changing mine – but it happens – and we gotta adapt.

Long story short, I had to change my workout plans as well to adjust to the new “schedule”.  I was planning on getting my workout in before heading out, of course, but due  to a (very fortunate, I must say) amalgamation of events I wasn’t able to do so, and so out I headed anyway without having gotten my workout in first, which is something I NEVER EVER do.

Getting my workout in sets me up for the rest of the day, beyond it, and done correctly, I experience a “carry over buzz” for the next day as well.

Now, something else I NEVER EVER do is skip a workout. Even if it’s a 10 minute routine, I do SOMETHING EACH AND EVERY DAY – and this, of course is something I emphasize over and over again in my posts and obviously the book as well.

And so when I got home in the evening, I figured I’d do a 10 minute routine. Nothing major, some gentle stuff that I normally do in the evenings.

But, being I was feeling a bit “stiff” in the legs if you get my drift, I figured I’d do 40-50 squats to warm up before jumping into it.

So, I start my squats. Up and down, up and down. BREATHE in, BREATHE out, and I start to get that BUZZ going. OH BOY!

Before I knew the horse had “done” bolted (that’s a Southern expression for those that don’t know, hehe) and a 100 squats were done and dusted (75 regular, 25 toughies).

And by then of course  I was in full flow. 250 pushups “flew” (pun NOT intended) by and before I knew it I was completing my bridging as well (which I normally do in workout #2 for the day).

Now, being that my regular routines take between 45-60 minutes and the “evening” routine takes between 10-15 minutes, you’d imagine this to be a 75 minute workout, right?

I did as well.

Guess what though.

1:03 – and I’m done – and STOKED!

So, thats the story for today. You could call this the “incorporated” workout as it basically incorporates two workouts into one.

Will I get workout #3 in today? Well, I don’t know – perhaps – if I get time – but I DO KNOW one thing – it’s back to “regular programming” from tomorrow for ole Rahul in terms of working out before even considering heading out of the house.

All for now. If you workout today – make it the BEST!

Very best,


P.S. – I keep mentioning the quick and dirty 10-15 minute routine that I do for workout #2 in the evening. Well, there’s plenty more of those to be found right HERE: – The Book

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