20 * 10 = …..?

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Dear reader,

I’m STOKED – and I’m on the CLOCK (as usual, haha).

And no, this post is NOT about Math, although Math was a subject I always excelled at. Most of what they teach in schools and colleges has literally no real life practical applications – and have NO bearing upon (in the  majority of cases) what folks actually end up doing.

Be it the “techie” who rarely ever “got into tech jobs”, or be it the engineer who ends up writing sales proposals and what not – it holds true for the most part.

Thats something I’ll talk about later though. What is funny though and what bears importance is here that funnily enough, those “closest to me” (or supposed to be the closest to me) chose to always focus upon what I wasn’t good at (in my case that being the vast majority of others things that I was supposed to learn, both in school and college).

And how does that tie into fitness? Well, the same darn thing happens when people take a look at their current fitness levels. It’s all about “where I’m not” as opposed to a rational, FACT based analysis followed by a  “where I can – should – and WILL be!” conclusion – and then of course, “doing the thing”.

I speak about this repeatedly, of course – but what I also want to point out here is I’m NOT by any stretch of the imagination asking you to “ignore obvious flaws” here.

I’ve got notoriously tight hamstrings, for instance, something you guys might not think true after watching the videos and reading the books etc – and this even after YEARS of practice.

Does that mean I “throw in the towel”?

Heck no. I keep working upon it, and I improve – DAILY!

Thats just one example by the way. Key thing being to ignore the naysayers (and there will be PLENTY) and focus upon the POSITIVE – and what you do have going for you.

See a previous blog post about “being grateful” for more on this. My book “From 120 – 60 kgs…”  goes into it in DEPTH as well – a must READ for anyone looking for self improvement in ALL areas of life – From 120 – 60 KGS!

Anyway, what price the title of this post, you may ask, and deservedly so.

Well – simple. Thats what I did to get to 200 pushups. Added in 50 more, and bang – I’m done, and ready to hit the showers.

Eat a bear one bite at a time, my friend. There is great innate wisdom in this saying.

I’d type more, but I gotta rush – so thats it for now.

Meanwhile though if you train today – make it a super one!



P.S. – Thanks, Dr. K!

P.S.#2 – And no, being “sucky” at Math does NOT give you a ready made excuse to cop out of the “20*10” routine!

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