The BANE of modern day living

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Dear reader,

What is the one modern invention that is the very BANE of modern day living, and that I (despite having to use at times) – absolutely DESPISE?

It’s NOT the computer, by the way, for those that are thinking it is (given my constant refrains of being “chained” to the keyboard – thats something I ENJOY). Computers (and the Internet as well) were a great, great invention.

While laziness, “procrastination” and many of the other things all feature high up there on the list – guess whats even higher up there.

It’s something that most folks (at least most I’ve met) can’t seem to do without, much like they can’t do without breathing in life giving oxygen.

And it is – none other than the – hold your breath – the almighty SMARTPHONE.

If there is ONE thing in this world along with chemical weapons that I’d suggest be “dis-invented” (or was it “un-invent”?)  I’d say  it should be the smart phone.

I’ve NEVER EVER come across a greater productivity killer than the smartphone, and this holds true while working out as well as for life in general for that matter.

I’ve lost track of the number of times (back when I still paid the darn thing any serious attention) that I was about to write something, or had some ideas, or was simply going to get something accomplished when that annoying “green light” on the smartphone flashed, signalling yet another (and for the most part) useless “IM” or some such junk.

And of course, I ended up losing track of what it was that I was doing.

I’ve written about this extensively as well in my other publications, but as for exercise? Well, you see plenty of folks that use the smart phone as a workout accessory and this is one of the VERY WORST mistakes you can make, period.


Well, because your attention is not on your workout. It’s on the latest “going ons” on Facebook, or the “latest message” from that “hot chick you’ve been texting”, or the latest “emergency at work”.

Yada, nada, schnada, and once that workout is interrupted, it is usually never resumed given the propensity of most folks to be “lazy” (especially when doing tough stuff).

My suggestion would be to, and what I DO is to completely IGNORE the damn thing anytime I do something of any note, be that writing, or exercising, or simply “thinking intensely”.

I don’t just ignore it – I flip it over on it’s “stomach”, hehe, so I can’t even see the annoying little lights blinking nineteen to the dozen.

And guess what – I’m still living!

Now, that doesnt mean you ignore the world, period – NO – but there’s a time and place for everything, and that time is NOT when your “in the zone”, if you get my drift.

Anyway, all of this basically boils down to DOING ONE THING AT A TIME regardless of the “war” going on outside (and in most cases the “war” is but a figment of your imagination and can WAIT).

Do one thing at a time – focus – and IGNORE any and all distractions.

That’s another reason I like to workout at home, by the way. There’s no distractions, no “gym bunnies”, no tomfoolery, no stupid questions, no-one “pumping their tris to look like Arnie X3” , and so forth.

It’s just ME – my living room – and my WORKOUT! And boy do I “get her done”  – NOT with minimal distractions – but with NONE.

And thats how it should be, my friend.

All for now!



P.S. – A lot of what I talk about in terms of fitness holds true for LIFE as well. So do most, if not all of the “10 Commandments of Successful Physical Training” that you can find right HERE: – The Book

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