Focus upon goals during training!

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Dear reader,

I’m so ZONKED (my own euphemism, by the way) and those that have been following me for any length of time know what that means.

In short – ZONED out – and could care LESSSSSSS about anything else if you get my drift – and again – thats something you have to experience to really understand, both a mental and physical level (and no we’re not talking meditating for 7 years as the esteemed Bodhidharma is reputed to have done, although that requires some serious FOCUS!)

The title of this post started out as “keep your goals in mind…”, but after writing that above sentence I did something I never ever (or rarely) do – I EDITED – and changed it to “focus upon…”

Now, today’s post may come across as a series of “disconnected rambles”, but it’s really not if you read between the lines. For those that do, I applaud ya … for those that don’t … well … that’s life!

Anyway, today’s workout started off with an extremely sore back and (surprise) legs as well although I’ve been doing no direct work for the legs at all. No hill climbs, no “500 squat” days, nothing of that nature. and yet, my upper back, traps and thighs felt like they’ve been HAMMERED when I woke up this morning.

In a good way, of course, and thats likely why I did my 100 squats today in sets of 50, with 3 to 4 seconds rest between the first and the second set.

100 wasn’t a goal, by the way. Neither was some of the advanced stuff I have been doing for the past few days – that said though, there’s absolutely nothing wrong at all to HAVE those goals – in fact, a lot of you SHOULD start to set some goals – and NOW!

This post also (and again, this was unplanned) curiously enough ties into what I said about not needing pull-ups earlier this morning. Strange how that works, eh?

Anyway, one of my current goals has literally ZERO to do with fitness, as well as money – its something else altogether. Something that impacts me at the very BOTTOM OF MY HEART. Something that CUTS DEEP – something that MATTERS.

While I’m not going to detail that goal here for obvious reasons, I will however say that THIS goal is what I focused upon today during my routine.

Yes, this may sound a bit strange given I constantly tell you to focus upon the reps and your breathing – but I DID focus upon those as well.

The breathing is key by the way – in fact I should say I focused upon my goal with EACH INHALE AND EXHALE!

Read that part again. EACH INHALE AND EXHALE – yes – it’s THAT important to breathe correctly!

Now, bear in mind that you do need to be at a somewhat advanced (or least not beginner) level when you incorporate this technique into your routine.

Why, you might ask?

Well, because like I’ve said before, some of you will have trouble even GETTING into – let alone HOLDING the positions I show in the book and videos – and get this – for more than a few seconds, IF AT ALL.

And then of course we come to performing reps in CORRECT form.

So it’s obvious that you have to “do the thing” at a certain level first, but once you get there – incorporate this technique into your routine – and watch things start to FLOW in EVERY area of your life.

I find wrestler pushups or “Hindu pushups” as they seem to be commonly called to lend themselves best to this. Up and down, up and down, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale… This, and the “table” pushup are what work best for me in this sort of a “mood”.

And purely fitness wise, you might also find yourself achieving record reps while “not focusing upon the number”. Thats a great, great and oft-ignored tip – and I’ve achieved many a record number without even focusing upon the number itself.

And I DID end up setting another “PR” in my all time favorite exercise today – NOT the wrestler or “table” pushup BTW – although those are great, great exercises if done correctly.

Rationally speaking you might say goals in other areas of your life have NO co-relation to fitness  – and if your amongst the scores of people that say this – well – I have THIS to say – YOU, my friend, are UNEQUIVOCALLY WRONG!

In a rational world, the 0 excuses fitness videos would never have gotten made in the first place as the lady who took the videos speaks NO English, and I speak VERY little Chinese.

“Try, try, try”, is a phrase she commonly uses, and this one tip alone CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE, my friend.

Thats not to say I didn’t “try” before – but I’m just trying to tell that “rational” thinking is NOT the be all and end all of everything as it’s commonly made out to be. It’s REQUIRED – but it’s NOT what “gets the engine going”.

And that, my friend is that for now. Long enough post – ADIOS – for now!

Rahul “Mou Hua The” Mookerjee

P.S.: – The book has more great tips – grab your copy HERE: – The Book

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