Socket errors, and more on what I said the last time

Well, I’ve been tearing my hair out for the last few hours trying to get this “thang” to auto-post to Facebook (Twitter was a cinch), but I still (apparently) have not been able to get it done.

I’m getting “socket errors” and other weird stuff no matter what I do, and I’ll call it a night on that front for now.

Good thing is though that I finished workout #2 a while back BEFORE starting this whole process,  or my own sockets would be completely jammed by now – NO PUNS intended, hehe.

As it stands right now – it’s “just one of those things”.


Anyway, as an addendum to what I said in the last post about sometimes hitting personal reps, what I should have also said is often times your “mental self” can push you WAY BEYOND what you think the physical can accomplish, and therefore the “PR’s”.

But, there will obviously be a lot of times when your body does tell you that “it’s enough”, and this despite everything else I’ve said in the last post.

All that stuff about goal settings while training DOES HOLD TRUE – but with the slight mod in that though you might well end up getting a new PR SOME DAYS without really focusing on the number of reps – other days, you might not.

Thats just the way it goes, of course.

Anyway, given the length of the last post, thats it for today – or now, at any rate. More later!


P.S. – If you have not grabbed your copy of the book already – WHAT are you waiting for?

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