The 8 minute workout!

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And  BEFORE I TELL YOU what this entails, here is a bit of a primer.

I’m NOT at home – where I normally train. I’m indoors (thank god – it’s bucketing down outdoors – btw, y’all that are reading this from Houston, and apparently FL soon – and Southern China as well – I feel for ya, believe me).

The TV was blaring at full volume. Noise galore. Hardly the place to train without distractions, eh?

To top it all off, I am REALLY pressed for time today, and did NOT even have 30 minutes to train (literally running with my ass so to speak).

The vast majority  of folks would probably be like “Oh, thats not a good time to train”. “Oh, we’ll get to it later”.

“Oh, thats just a day missed – no problem!”

And so forth. Excuses galore, and reasons NOT to train – reasons NOT to get her done as it were.

And in the amount of time that it takes people to formulate (and then put in action – curiously enough a lot of folks are more than willing to put “negative” thoughts and plans in action without a second thought) – guess what.

I got a great one in. I’m sweating like a fat man at a dance.

Here’s the routine.

50 regular squats.

15 jumping squats.

30 “R”

30 “J” (I’m on a phone now and can barely type with all the sweat beading down my brow)

30 “R”, 30 “J”, 38 “R”, and 22 “J”.

You do the Math and add that up and tell me what it comes out to.

Try this one for size the next time “you dont have time”.

Guaranteed to KICK your butt, and if it doesn’t – well – I’ll be a “horse’s ass and monkey’s uncle rolled into one”, packaged and delivered (with a red bow for you  ladies out there) to your DOORSTEP.

All for now! Oh, and I almost forgot to mention I’ve been getting a lot of interest about this from mainland China so I’ll be working on adding in QR codes for payment (thats how they pay for most things in China – the land where the smartphone RULES). Stay tuned.

Rahul Mookerjee

P.S.- I can have the book gift wrapped as well at no extra charge. Might well be “purdier” than me, hehe –


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