The circle – and the “vicious circle (cycle?)”

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Dear reader,

I often structure my workouts in a “circular” sort of manner so that I sort of finish off with the same, or similar exercise that I started off with.

Works great for me but this is not one of those things which is “written in stone”.

How did I get this idea? Well – simple – some of the movements I do could be considered “circular” motions insofar as the actual execution of the exercise goes, and that suddenly gave me the idea one fine afternoon while doing pushups.

And it just “feels right” on some days, and so forth. Again, thats not written in stone, although it’s something that probably WILL work well for you in some regards.

But today’s post is more about the “vicious circle” or “vicious cycle” as it’s commonly referred to.

I sort of think “circle” is a better way to describe it as you quite literally go “round and round in circles” and end up exactly where you started right back off. Or, perhaps “cycle” is? Except in this case it might well be called cycling backwards …

Now, what exactly am I “ranting” about now, you may ask?

Well, I’m talking about the vicious “cycle” that a lot of folks find themselves to be stuck in (think hamster on a treadmill) and – REFUSE to get out of (or should I say refuse to be “open” to getting out of it).

Now, it’s not so much these people’s “fault” as it is their “unwillingness to learn new things”. Or, should I say the “fear of accepting the unknown as a current possibility”.

That last sentence I just wrote is a powerful, powerful one indeed, and as with  much of what I say it applies to LIFE as well as it does fitness.

But let’s talk fitness here.

I get contacted routinely by a lot of folks who want to get fit, but aren’t willing to take the actions required to get fit.


Those actions being simple enough – a) invest in the products that will move you on towards your goal and b) DO the thing.

“Oh, ah, I don’t want to…uh, buy”.

“Ok, no problem. Follow the blog – there’s plenty of FREEE tips for you there!” (and that IS what I tell folks that for whatever reason email me saying “they dont want to buy” – a colossal waste of time indeed for someone to even send that, but whatever).

And lets be honest – ain’t nothing with free tips, is there?

A few days later …

“Uh, I …”


“I couldn’t find <stutter> time to read the blog”. “It’s too long”. Yada, nada schnada, and the nonsense keeps pouring out.

And at this point I pretty much tell them to a) get their ass in gear if they REALLY want to – or b) stop wasting time.

And of course, thats the point where the “how dare he” part kicks in.

It’s far easier to live in denial of current facts than it is to actually confront said facts rationally (and NO, what most people consider “rational thought” is anything but to be honest).

It’s far easier to “ignore obvious truths and reality (yes, it DOES bite – though it doesnt HAVE to be that way!)” and simply pull out the oft used excuse “I’m busy”.

It’s far easier to pay a personal trainer and then “moan” or “whine” about optimal results not being achieved.

It’s far easier to get a fancy membership at a gym or “health club” and then rarely use it – and then complain about “not being able to get fit”. Or “it not working”.

It’s far easier to … Ah, but I guess you see my drift? Long story short – far easier to “shoot” the messenger as it were than actually do what it takes to “keep the messenger away”.

Curiously enough though and in terms of the “I’m busy” rubbish; these same “busy” people make time to be on Facebook and other TRUE TIME WASTING apps all day long. Yet, amazingly enough they’re too busy – when – get this – one actually responds in an honest manner to questions THEY ASKED in the first place!

I mean – look – I got in a BALL BUSTER of a workout yesterday in LESS than 9 minutes! Are you telling me you ain’t got 9 minutes to workout but you’ve got all day to while away looking at the various meaningless updates on Facebook?

I mean, this is so ludicrous and hilarious that I  literally spit up some of my green tea while I’m writing this.

I’m sure you see what I mean by circle now? This just keeps going round and round in circles, with no solution being reached – and NOT because the solution isn’t there – it’s because the person is NOT OPEN to the solution which is RIGHT THERE in front of him/her!

Back to fitness – buy the book. Watch the videos. DO. START someplace! THAT is as simple as it gets, folks – and THAT is all that is needed.

I was contacted a lady last night who complimented me on my physique and then COMPLETELY RUINED it by saying this (when I sent her a note of appreciation for her positive remark) –

“Don’t thank me. Thank God”.


“Thank God for giving you this wonderful body that you have now!”


I mean Jesus jumping Christ on a pogo stick; it literally doesnt get any more ridiculous than this. 

I (and any other person walking the face of this planet that you might consider to be successful in ANY endeavor) did NOT just get to where we are because someone dumped a plate of goodies in their lap!

Yet, amazingly enough thats how most people react when they see success. Amazingly enough they ignore the facts (which in my case are clearly laid out on the website) and continue to live in denial (of the fact that THEY too can achieve this!).

It just takes a small change in mindset, my friend – but that ONE change is ENOUGH to open up new possibilities and avenues in your life that you never knew existed.

A small minority of people reading this will know what I’m talking about. For the rest, well … All I can say is that if you disagree “no problemo, amigo”.

And I really dont care if the majority of people reading this disagree with it – that’s just how I am. I say it like it is and am willing to back up what I say – but, I am NOT going to “make the horse drink” after “leading it to the water”.

And for the lady thats probably reading this right now (or later, haha) – and yes you know who you are – that last sentence is for YOU!

Onward – and UPWARD!


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