Exercise can be – and IS – cathartic

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Dear reader,

Yes, you read that right. Exercise can be, and IS cathartic. And I’m living proof of this in MORE ways than one.

I’m not going to get in “more ways than one” here, but I’ve already spoken at length in previous posts about having “goals” in mind while training. As I said before, these need not necessarily be fitness related goals – although it’s even better if they ARE fitness related for most folks out there.

Key thing being your already comfortable with the movements though – as I said before, if your not that comfortable with the actual movements themselves, then you will naturally need to focus upon the BREATHING and the movement itself before anything else.

Anyhow, I focused upon a series of VERY PERSONAL goals today while working out.

And while I’m NOT going to detail those goals, let me just say they CUT deep in more ways than one.

Let me just say that a lot of what I was focusing upon (while working out) literally made me emotional – so EMOTIONAL that I actually shed tears during the initial portion of my workout, after which it was back to biz as usual.

Now, the majority of folks reading this might think what I wrote above is strange, but let me tell you, the goals that you DO ACHIEVE in life are things that you are PASSIONATE about.

Things that you CARE about DEEPLY! The reasons don’t matter – what matters is you really, really, really CARE.

My self help books on the site  and other sites speak at LENGTH about this, of course, but for now, let me just say it was a great, great workout and I finished in 1:10 (10 minutes taken to compose myself after the “emotional” part).

Fitness wise, what does this mean?

Well, simple –  and TWO SIMPLE questions will answer that question.


  1. Do you REALLY care about getting fit?

2. Are you REALLY willing to DO WHAT IT TAKES?

Think about this long and hard.

And if the answer is yes to BOTH of those (and what should be) SIMPLE questions, well, then congratulations – your in the minority that at least DOES – DOES SOMETHING. The vast majority of folks reading this would probably “cop out” at this stage if asked these questions in a “brutally honest” manner like I just asked you.

No, saying yes to EITHER ONE of them does NOT count towards being serious. You need to be in it ALL THE WAY – or not at all ,my friends.

There’s no cop-outs. No excuses. A desire to do plus hard work is ALL there is, and that’s just how it is.

And the workout itself? 400/254, and no, there’s no reason for those numbers as opposed to the usual “50/250, or 250/250”.

Thats just how it went, and the majority of the routine actually was a “22” routine if that makes sense (and if you have been following my blog regularly I am sure it does) .

And I feel great, great great! Got some more books planned for later on this evening, and I’ll probably get started on one later.

All for now -back later!



P.S: – My books are all available on the website. There’s only ONE that is EXCLUSIVE to Amazon, but I’ll be putting that on here as well by December. Stay tuned!

P.S.#2 – If your serious, well, you know where to head on to NOW: –


The Book

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