Lady “L” and the “free gift”

Well, dear reader, today’s post will be a somewhat lengthy one.

It could really be titled “My opinion of time wasters”, or “Can you give it to me as a gift” (this is me quoting VERBATIM from an actual convo, by the way.

Or, what do I think of “el cheapo deapos”, hehe.

Well first off, my antenna go up ANY and every time someone asks me for free products and offering NOTHING in return.

Why? Well, the reasons are obvious but the first reason obviously is that free (for most people) equates to ZERO value. Most people are also under the impression that “this person” (or business) would only give away “freebies” if they had no business to start with, which is true in some cases, but certainly not all.

Give away something for free and they’ll “thank you and down for it”, and you’ll likely never hear from them again in your entire life.

Most of all though, it’s because in the vast majority of these people will (amazingly enough, at least to me) never even BOTHER TO USE the – get this – FREE – info that they thought valuable enough to badger you for incessantly.

Last, but not least, whats funny is that I offer plenty of free tips in my emails/blog posts – but these same people somehow “dont find time ” to read ’em.

Anyway, so this brings me to the “tale of Lady “L”” (I’ll call her that for the sake of privacy).

This woman was introduced to me by a mutual contact recently because, well, um, and to quote verbatim again … “we have same hobby, so I add you”

(Pardon the English – I’m quoting verbatim from the convo here).

“Um, OK …” was my response.

And sure enough, it came shortly thereafter.

“My friend says your a good fitness instructor. Do you mind giving me your book as a gift?”

I was about to reply with something along the lines of “What do you think”, but for once, I held my tongue.

Turns out this lady has – get this – PAID – a personal trainer as well as a gym where she trains (apparently something to do with “hoisting barbells overhead”, though she didnt provide further details).

Side note – Overhead presses by the way are a GREAT exercise, but only and only if done right. They’re actually one of the very weight lifting exercises I do recommend (although again, handstands and handstand pushups are way better in many regards).

She then went to claim “it works!”

“Well, if it works – dont change it! Keep doing it!” was my response. And this is what I say in my book anyway. If your doing something that works – well – if it ain’t broke – dont fix it! I’ve actually blogged on this in the past as well IIRC …

But of course, that was a primer of sorts as well.

“I need reduce the flab on my arms” (a few days later)

I think y’all can see where this is going, right? Obviously what she is doing is NOT working to her satisfaction or she’d never have contacted me in the first place.

Now, at this point it bears mentioning that my opinion of those that ask for freebies doesnt mean I never help anyone out for “free”.

Quite the contrary. Those that know me in person know that I’m quite a “giving” person, both in terms of time and my knowledge on fitness/other issues – but IF – and this is a HUGE IF – and IF ONLY – the person is WILLING to HONESTLY learn (and invest the time and effort required to learn).

But most people (that ask for freebies) do NOT fall into this category. Stew all you like (you know who you are), but its true – and if you have an opinion that runs contrary to mine, well, by all means post it or email me about it and I’ll be happy to address it.

Long story short (again), I figured I’d give her a chance.

“Hey Rahul, aren’t you being too harsh on her?”

“Maybe she does deserve a chance!”

And so I finally agreed to give her a copy of the book for a very low value and when I say “value” I don’t mean money. I simply asked her to DO what was mentioned in the book and get back to me on how difficult the exercises were. Fair enough you’d say, eh?

Given she lifts weights, I also put in the slight addendum about “If you don’t like it, then TELL me you prefer lifting weights”.

In short, I gave her all the options she could possibly want.

And needless to say, she never got back.

Now, the point of this is not to emphasize the obvious about those who ask about freebies.

It’s to emphasize the fact that most people waste time on stuff that is MEANINGLESS.

Take this lady, for example. She wasted all that time going back and forth with me in terms of “getting a freebie” – but now that she got it – well, it’s consigned forever to the “dark annals” of her computer, if that makes sense (or mobile phone, hehe).

I mean, seriously. She’s got a goldmine of info at her fingertips – FOR FREE – that she can use to accomplish the “goal” (I use that term loosely in her case, of course) of “reducing the flab on her arms”, and yet, all she does is a big fat ZERO …

I’ve no doubt of course, that she’ll eventually get back with some nonsense about “I’m too busy to read this” or something along those lines and want yet another free bie.

I’ll let y’ll know what transpires when she does, hehe.

Anyway, I’m buzzed and STOKED as usual! Got done with the “50/400” workout (thats 50 squats and 400 pushups) and it’s back to work as usual now.

More later!



P.S. – I realize this may piss off some of the “smart alecs” who contacted me last week with regard to “we’ll promote your stuff for free” if you “give us the goods for free”.

Um, thanks, but no thanks, pally. If that makes me “lose business” as you claim – so be it – I could give a rats ass less about losing biz.

What (and ALL that) I DO CARE about is DELIVERING THE GOODS in a BRUTALLY honest and DIRECT manner. Take it or leave it.

P.S. #2 – Want to see me pound out 250 plus pushups in LESS than 30 minutes? Then rush on over HERE: – Videos

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