450 squats, 15:12

Dear reader,

Well ,for once this post didnt write itself while I was training, but that understandable when doing high rep squats (most of them toughies, by the way).

I can barely see out  my glasses right now, so pardon any typos (like I care either way about “perfect” typing, hehe, I’d rather do PERFECT REPS!).

I’m feeling ON TOP of the world, and it look less than 16 minutes. Amazingly enough I wasn’t feeling sort of like, well, crud this morning, but 15 minutes is all it took to get that WINNING – and GREAT – feeling back!

You too can get this sort of feeling, my friend, if you just DO the thing. Doesnt take much time at all as you can tell.

As for today’s tip, believe it or not, a SLIGHT (yes, slight) change in HAND position of all things made all the difference with the squats. I’d post it right here, but you’ll probably think I’ve gone stark raving bonkers if I do so I’m not.

Although, whats “crazy” for most of the world such as 500 daily squats, for instance, isn’t as crazy as it may seem or sound.

Take that for it’s worth. I’m out for now – more later!


P.S. – Plenty of 15 minute blasts right HERE: – The Book

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