The 24 minute workout

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And thats how long it took – by the CLOCK, my dear reader.

I should actually call this the “24 hour” routine, since it can literally be done ANYTIME of the day.

Or perhaps the “2 in 1” routine as I got in workout #2 plus EXTRAS in during this time. All this without doing a single pushup, BTW  – though I’ll be getting to pushups later this evening.

What did I do? Well, the correct way to put it would be “DEEP BREATHING WITH EVERY REP while working out”.

Yes, the words are capitalized for a reason. Not to say the actual workout was any less important, but and as I say REPEATEDLY in my book, there is NO point doing any of the stuff I mention if you don’t add CONSCIOUS deep breathing into the mix.

There is a breath with every rep, and this, my dear reader, is probably the most powerful fitness tip there is out there.

Yes, it might sound strange, but do it the way I tell you to and you’ll know what I mean.

And believe me, it wasn’t me that “made this discovery”; this has been around for ages. It’s just that  it’s being ignored these days for the rubbish that passes as “serious training” or, as in parlance, the “bro culture”.

I don’t care if your lifting weights, working outdoors, running, or simply even doing 10 pushups. You need to focus upon your breathing to gain optimal benefit.

Subtract the breathing, and you get about 10-15% of the benefits (real benefits).

Anyway, my routine took exactly 24 minutes today. 400 squats done with the same different hand technique I mentioned (or I think I did) a few days ago followed up with some bridging routines which  I generally do in my 10-15 nightly routine.

All this includes “toweling off” time and short (few seconds) breaks, by the way, and there were NO WARM UPS required whatsoever.

So there it is. A 24 minute blast you can do anytime, anyplace, ANY DAY!

Try it, and tell me how it works for you.

Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – There are plenty of other GOLDEN TIPS in the book – The Book

P.S #2 – The real icing on the cake, of course is (are) the videos – Videos

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