The old man I met in China

Dear reader,

I’ve posted about this before on my old blog, but for whatever reason I feel compelled to post it again.

On second thoughts, I’m not going to “repost”. I’m going to “rewrite”. And no, it is NOT a case of me reinventing the wheel or “regurgitating old stuff” …

Those that have read my book will know that there was a time in my life where I climbed a hill DAILY – MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY – MORNING AND EVENING – in my life as part of my fitness regimen (this was complimented by 50-100 pullups and a few other stretches post-climb).

I cared not if it was HOT AND HUMID out there. In fact, some of my toughest climbs have been accomplished – and YES – I WILL use that word here in humidity that would sap the average person the minute they stepped out of the house (think 40 degrees Celsius and 90 percent plus humidity – or 100% if the phone apps are anything to go by).

People that saw me literally made comments like “Ah, THAT is real climbing!” as they saw me “down, but not out”, literally “inhaling and exhaling fire” (thats what each breath felt like) after my climbs/routine, as I was literally “sweating half my bodyweight out”.

I cared not if it rained, snowed (yes, there was a day it did snow here in Southern China) or if I had a bad day at work or not. I cared NOT if I had “relationship troubles”. I cared NOT if I had … Ah, but you get my drift, pally.

I woke up at 5:30 A.M. come rain, shine, or HAIL – and I got right down to it. Bottom line.

Anyway, during some of my afternoon climbs I met this old Chinese man who climbs this hill daily – UNTIL THIS DAY, by the way (I don’t climb any more except for an occasional change as what I do currently is even tougher).

This man would do the same. Come rail, hail, shine or thunderstorms (and there’s plenty of them around, hehe) he’d be seen there climbing the hill.

He’d do it ONCE a day, of course, but he NEVER MISSED A DAY!

After his climb, he’d do a few stretches, and then jump into a handstand at the end of it, and walk back down. And that was his routine, and is until this date.

This man is over 70 years old by the way. This man has a cast iron grip that’ll make the average gym goer feel like he’s gripped a blacksmith’s hand. This man has RAMROD straight legs, and looks about 50 to be honest, though he’s more than 20 years older.

Being my Chinese is rudimentary at best, I never really had a chance to get to know him better, but WORDS are NOT necessary at times!

The sheer PASSION that I spoke about in my last post spoke TOMES, and did all the communication that was required.

As I commence my workout in another 10 minutes, I’ll be sure to keep him in mind.

Along with my grandfather, who (sadly) passed away when I was at the age of 13. I’ll write more about him in the NEXT post – stay tuned!

For now – if THESE men don’t inspire the average 22 year old to get off their arse and DO SOMETHING – well – I hate to say it, but nothing will.

All for now!

Rahul Mookerjee

PS – This post was inspired by a recent quote I saw on social media (which I absolutely loathe by the way for the most part but pretty much “have to use” given how prevalent it is) about advice a 90 year old man (who I do not know, by the way) gave his family before he passed away. 50 power packed tips, and I may just write about those in future posts as well …

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