250 pushups <30 minutes

Dear reader,

“Me so sweaty me hit the shower long time” (right after typing this, hehe – NO PUNS INTENDED!)

Haha, so the above was a bit of an exaggeration. I admit it. But hey, what the “hezey” – I’m feeling like a BILLION BUCKS RIGHT NOW – much like the “taking on a grizzle part” (another exaggeration, but the feeling is NOT)  that I mention elsewhere on the website …

Anyway, started off with this thought in mind – “I’ll do 50 pushups for now, and call it a day for THIS workout”.

Why? Well, I had a rough day yesterday. Most people would just collapse onto the couch for a week or so after the sort of day I had yesterday (reference the last post if you dont know what I’m “yelling” about, hehe) … but I do something everyday without fail.

I dont care – unless I’m literally so sick I can’t move – I DO SOMETHING DAILY.

In other words, yes, I do “practice what I preach”.

Got through 50, and then it was “well, lets do 20 more and call it a day”.

Before I knew it, that 20 turned into “30 more”.

And long story short, I was done with 250 pushups before I know it – and get this – in LESS than 30 minutes.

Thats nothing out of the ordinary for me of course – and the videos are proof. Grab ’em right here: – Videos

And yes – YOU – CAN – do it! Try – and dont make excuses – and you CAN – nay, WILL do the same too. Heck, you might just surpass me – who knows!

All for now!


P.S. – If your the sort that falls into the excuses category this site and book (and videos, et al) ARE NOT for you. Feel free to navigate away if thats you.

P.S #1 – Other hand, if you fall into the rarest of rare “DOERS” category – well – then – you know what to do!

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