“Nice Video” and other “non-focused” comments

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Dear reader,

Well, well, well. I’ve been receiving comments, most of them overwhelmingly positive about the videos of the website and that can only be a good thing – right?

Right – but only when VIEWED THROUGH THE RIGHT LENS!

What do I mean?

Well, just saying “it’s a nice video” and then doing exactly NOTHING won’t move you along the way to your goals.

A Chinese lady (let’s say “Lady C”) who I know for a while and who has been a customer of mine in another (non fitness related) venture recently made this comment after I shared this website with her. I offered to “share” the book with her as well, although I haven’t “share” the actual paid videos with her (as yet, at least).

Why did I do this? Well, she’s helped me in the past. She’s been a customer in the past and has REFERRED me new business – quid pro quo as it were, and a case of doing the right thing.

There’s a tip right there, by the way. Never forget those who genuinely DID help you in the past  … NOT because you should expect them to help you in the future, but because what they DID for you in the past (and did it with a clear heart, so to speak). This is very important, and it goes for friends, family, customers, and just about anyone you meet / interact with to be honest.

Sadly enough though, this lady falls into the “excuses” category when it comes to getting fit. She’s signed up for various dance classes, gyms, fitness programs, and even the local swimming pool (swimming is a great, great exercise BTW folks) – but guess what – the pounds aren’t flying off.

If anything, that waistline is just expanding, and the “gluteous maximus of plenty” is growing by the day as well, more “junk” being piled on as I read this most likely.

Laugh all you like, my dear reader, but ’tis true.

Anyway, as the Chinese say, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. And if this lady doesnt “DO” despite having all the tools to “DO” QUITE LITERALLY at her FINGERTIPS, well, then … methinks it’s an exercise in futility.

But, and here it bears mentioning that I bear no ill will towards my ex-customer – so – Lady C, I wish  you all the best!

As for me?

Back from a tiring trip yesterday that took me a total of six hours, if I’ve got it right.

Pounded out a new book which is sitting in the (very capable) hands of my beloved publishers, and am in the process of fleshing out a new one.

In the middle of all this I had to deal with some family issues which took up a LOT of time.

And yet – I found time to get in not ONE – but TWO workouts for the day.

In fact, I should say three. I traveled in the subway a lot yesterday, and subway stairs are one of the best training tools you have – COMPLETELY FREE – and right THERE for you to USE!

And this brings me to the closing note of this post. I’ve mentioned this before in my old blog (which can be accessed via www.rahulmookerjee.com), but I’ll say it again in brief here.

Many years ago, I used to work as a sales “VP” (whatever that term might bring to your mind – I personally hate these “titles”). I’ve mentioned this Company of course in my other writings, most specifically this one – 10 Commandments of Successful Sales

… I used to work from the office on occasion (though it was supposed to be the exact opposite, hehe), and I traveled by the New Delhi subway on the rare occasions that I did show up (sorry, guys! hehe).

And I’d literally POUND up several flights of stairs every time I changed trains (I think it was a sum total of 4 trains I changed to get there – so there were plenty, believe me). The New Delhi subway has trains that go underground as well as overground, so there’s plenty of climbing involved – if you do it – of course.

Many a Metro station in New Delhi has signs literally exhorting folks to climb. I think one of them went “climb stairs, healthy heart” (or something to that effect).

Amazingly enough, most people do the exact opposite.

I’m sure you know what I mean, don’t you?

Long “dreary” lines of folks “lined up” at the elevators, or escalators in this case, negative energy exuding from every pore – and of course looking at old Rahul “that boy be crazzzzzzy” as he sprints up subway stairs, laptop bag flying behind him like a purse on a harried’s lady’s shoulder, hehe.

And this was after doing squats and pushups in the morning, BTW.

Anyway – felt compelled to share this “blast from the past” today with y’all.  Enjoy!



P.S. – Other blasts from the past are mentioned in the book – The Book

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