Rome wasn’t built in a day, my friend

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Well, dear reader, it wasn’t. Neither was the Coliseum for that matter, or the Great Wall of China, or the Taj Mahal in India.

More pertinently though, none of these “monoliths” would ever have gotten built, or even “conceptualized” if said builder(s) or architects, or designers, or what have you sat down and emitted a sigh and the proverbial “ho hum! thats too tough! It’ll never get done” before even starting.

As they say, the journey of a thousand steps starts with ONE SINGLE step.

That’s right, my dear reader.

ONE SINGLE STEP – but that ONE single step taken CORRECTLY – and with the right ATTITUDE – turns into two, three, four, and before you know it your well on way to building up that “deposit in the piggy bank” (which I believe I have spoken about before numerous times in various posts prior to THIS one).

How does any of this relate to fitness, you might ask.

Well, it should be pretty obvious, to be perfectly honest.

I get inquires about my fitness products (books and videos) on an almost DAILY basis.

Most of the people contacting, if not all, see the free videos that are there on the site and then go “Oh, wow! That’s great! I wish I could do that!”

And they then emit the proverbial “ho hum” that I mentioned above and collapse back into their couches, or car seats, or whatever it is they are doing with “it’s too tough. I’ll never be able to do it” flooding through their minds.

I find this sort of thinking to be asinine, and why?

Well, because people ignore the BLOODY obvious, thats why!

Not only that, most people look at success (of any nature, be it financial, or physical, or spiritual et al) and completely ignore the background that occurred IN ORDER FOR SAID PERSON TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL!

Lady “C” who I spoke about yesterday is a prime case in point. Making money is something that interests her immensely (curiously enough she hasn’t made a lot of it herself until date), and “immensely” would be putting it lightly.

Now, there is NOTHING WRONG with wanting to make money – nothing at all. Personally I’m the type that “follows my passion” as opposed to “chasing money” (which is what most folks that “want to make money” end up doing), but so be it. To each his (or her) own!

NB – “Want” and “Chase” are two different beasts altogether. And if your the type that wants to make money, and make it QUICKLY – well – my sales book here should give you a few pointers (at the very least): – 10 Commandments of Successful Sales

Though it says “10 commandments”, I actually end up giving you more than 18 – 20 to be exact, I believe. Thats just me. Under-promise and over-deliver (was that a tip right there? hehe) …

That’s just the tip of the iceberg though, to be honest. A book on marketing is currently in the works – and THAT will give you EVEN more. For now, though my other book that I recently put up on Amazon “Zero to Hero” will give you 25 solid – and different tips on LIFE in general.

Apply these tips correctly, and there’s NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING that can stand in your way in terms of achieving goals (financial, spiritual, mental, or what not) that you SET for yourself.

(This book will soon be up at a SPECIAL – and LOWER – price – stay tuned!)

Back to fitness though – like I said, the majority of the people that arrive at this website look at the videos, emit the proverbial “ho hum”, and just browse away.

There’s only a SMALL minority that actually READS what is there on the website, and THAT, my dear reader is the type of customer I WANT.

I do NOT want customers that just “buy” my book and never “actually do”. Case in point being “Lady L” that I spoke about a few weeks earlier …

I do NOT want customers that constantly complain about “he’s so fit but I’m not”.

I DO however want customers that make factual observations about where they are, and DO what it takes, step by “agonizing” step to GET themselves to where they WANT to be.

If that takes buying the book, so be it. If it means they come and train with me so be it.

In short – I want customers that DONT make excuses, and DO what it TAKES!!

And if your one of the very few people in this world that fall into the category I just mentioned, well, you know what to do.

Last, but not least, remember that no-one succeeds without making mistakes. We often ignore the 99 failures and remember the one success, blithely (choosing to, in many cases) forget that that ONE success would not have been achieved without the 99 failures mentioned above.

Of course, there’s a way to reduce that 99 to “very little” and in terms of fitness, my books and videos are what show you that way.

In short – stop making excuses. DO the thing – and you SHALL have the  power (good ole Emerson, hehe).

All for now!

Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – The book is right here: – The Book

P.S #2 – The videos are right HERE: – Videos

P.S. #3 – And that “excuses” mentality is probably why I don’t work with either “Lady C” or “Lady L” anymore, in case your interested. Thats just how I am. Excuses SICKEN me (unless they are genuine and in most cases a quick factual dissection proves they are anything but genuine). Again, that’s how Rahul Mookerjee is, was, and WILL always be. Take it or leave it!



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