The topsy turvy workout

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Well, dear reader, thats precisely what today’s routine was.  A combo (some may say “jumble”, or perhaps even “mish mash”) of what I normally do, and for a longer duration, and truth be told, they’d be RIGHT if they said that.

The words don’t do justice to how I feel now though, which is “tackle grizzle x 1000000”, to put it just ONE way.

It was an approximately 1:10 long workout, which (as regular readers are no doubt aware) is LONG, LONG, LONG by MY own standards, but it’s hardly anything compared to what the average “fitness” guy (or gal) that goes to gyms, spas etc spends.

In fact it wouldnt be a stretch to say that it takes the average person 15 minutes to drive to said establishment, 5-10 minutes or so to “change clothes”, another 5-10 minutes of procrastination while they furiously (and curiously enough, right at this very instant) “respond to all my messages on WhatsApp, or WeChat, or Face-Waste-Book”) and so forth.

25-35 minutes right there, and thats not even counting wait times for machines etc.

I think you get the drift, and thats not even getting into the actual “workout” itself (which often consists of nothing other than “bunny ogling” to be quite frank, and a few hurried reps on the “chest machine” before jumping on to the treadmill, phone in hand no less).

Laugh all you like, or get “ticked off” – but its true, my friend. It’s 100% PLUS true, in fact.

Other hand, if your one of the VERY RARE FEW who actually treats workout time with the SERIOUSNESS it DESERVES, well, hats off to you in that case.

Anyway, at the time of writing this my neck and lower back feels like it’s got a pounding, and so do my shoulders. And  contrary to what some folks might think, this WAS NOT a “bridging” workout.

Here’s a “rough sketch” of what I did: – 400 squats, 100 pushups, stretching (forward and backward, plus some advanced stuff), 50 more pushups, 25 more squats, and then 50 reps of my ALL TIME FAVORITE exercise followed by 25 more pushups, and then, and ONLY then was it time for the bridging.


Some of y’all out there might be wondering why I worked out for longer than I usually do?

Well, because I wanted to give myself a TREAT today. I’ve been hitting it HARD, hard, HARD in terms of other activities for days now, and I wanted to give myself a REAL treat.

And no, “real treat” for me does NOT equate to slamming beer and pizza, or a “night out at the local tavern”, or simply “vegging out”.

For me it equates to a LONG – TOUGH – and TAXING workout!

Folks babble about “those are just pushups”. Folks ramble about “oh, just your own bodyweight”, and of course – one of my all time favorites – “I am interested in strength! Not yoga!” (this despite NO, I repeat, NO mention of yoga being made anywhere throughout my teachings or website).

How many folks actually do pushups CORRECTLY?

How many of these nuts can actually pound out 250 plus squats IN PERFECT FORM and at the RIGHT CADENCE – EVERY freaking workout?

I’ll bet you my bottom dollar (or RMB, hehe) that number is zero, or close to NONE, and the latter just flew out of town at “supersonic” speed, hehe.

Bottom line – what I do needs NO investment (other than the BARE minimum).

What I do WORKS. It flat out WORKS. And it works in lesser time and has MORE benefits than all the fancy “shmuckola” that passes for fitness out there.

And it takes less than 30 minutes to get in a ball buster of a routine. In fact, those that have been following me know how exactly you can get in said type of a workout in LESS THAN 10 minutes – IF YOU EVEN LAST THAT LONG (no pun intended, hehe)!

And thats it for now. If you work out today – make it an AWESOME ONE!




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