It looks like Gaellic

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And so it does, dear reader. So it DOES!

What does, you might ask, and rightfully so.

It’s my handwriting – my hasty scribbles “jumbled at best”, and cryptic at worst. And it looks like Gaellic today to be honest.

I’ve often been told I’m an excellent typist, but guess what – I’ll take this “Gaellic” over my typing abilities anyday if I had to make a choice (though I wouldn’t want to make that choice, hehe).

Anyhow, I often speak of my posts here “writing themselves” as I train, and new ideas coming to me, and today this post started to write itself in about 175 pushups into a 100 squat/250 pushups routine.

What did I want to write?

Well, thats I’m constantly discovering new things, and though what I’m writing about is common place for me, it might not be for you.

And that is – that my neck (not traps, mind you – NECK – and the BASE of the neck no less) and forearms feel like they have been through a grinder.

I did NO DIRECT neck work or even perhaps nothing that could be considered “pure forearm” work.

I only did about 15 wrestler pushups for whatever reason.

My favorite exercise, you ask? Well I finished off with 50 of those as is the norm, but they are NOT what did the trick in terms of what I’m talking about.

Those of you that are either regular readers of the book or the blog will know what I’m talking about.

For the rest of y’all, well, get on the stick – The Book

I’ll give you a hint – it starts with the letter “T”. And there’s FOUR more letters following it.

Anyway, there is a damn good reason I constantly carp about words written in black and white on paper as opposed to computer screens.

There is a REASON, my friend that ALL my pens have black refills and the few that don’t have RED re-fills, and there is a reason for that as well.

There is a reason this site is primarily in BLACK AND WHITE. Despite all the jazz about the “modern world”, and it needing to appeal to the “modern day users”, I’d rather it appeal to old school folks like me, if simply because what I’m teaching is OLD SCHOOL.

And boy does it work – as opposed to the modern day “pumping” nonsense floating about in terms of “real fitness”.

Bah. Not even CLOSE, my friend.

Last, but not least, and funnily enough I don’t even look at these scribbles I’ve made until after I post.

And guess what – I end up covering every point, and MORE.

Other hand, what happens if I either “type” or simply try and “commit to memory”?

I usually end up forgetting about 10%of what I meant to type. No big deal you might say, but that 10% is the 10% that counts.

There’s another lesson in there, by the way. See if you can spot it!

Best regards,


P.S. – For those that are interested, the “novella” I was referring to yesterday is DONE. About 36 words shy of 25 K, so I guess my “premonition” was correct in that regard!

P.S. #2 – And NO, I don’t give a damn about “thinking about” or “sticking to” word counts or any of that rot. It’s about telling a story, bottom line – and if that takes 10 words, so be it. If that takes 10,000 so be it. And so forth!

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