350 pushups

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Dear Reader,

Well, thats today’s workout in the books as it were. 350 odd pushups, and they took me about 45 minutes to get done.

I don’t know why it was a “350” day by the way. Just felt that way when I started. So be it.

In the flow, as I keep saying so often …

Anyway, some of you that have seen the videos might be saying that this took way too long, eh?

And given that 250 odd pushups and 50-100 squats take me about 27 minutes or so, I wouldn’t blame you for feeling that way or mentioning what I said above.

But it didnt take 45 minutes to be honest.


Well, you gotta factor in the following (in reverse order, much like one of my favorite exercises, actually quite close to what my ALL TIME favorite exercise is) : –

  • A long, long, long “hammy” stretch at the end of this (shave off about 4 minutes for this)
  • Slow and steady thigh stretches interspersed into my routine (shave off about 4-6 minutes for this according to my “internal clock”, and it is usually pretty darn accurate, BTW)

That’s about 8-10 minutes right there, and if I were you, I’d shave off another 3 minutes or so a some of the wrestler pushups I did were on one hand – and – get this – done SLOWLY at that.

And 2 more minutes to take two leaks, hehe.

So thats about 33 minutes right there. Not bad, eh?

And what did I do during the workout?

Pushups, pushups and more damned pushups, and BOY DO I FEEL GREAT.

FWIW, I had a bit of a headache before starting this routine (probably way too much writing going on over the last few months).

But, strangely and oddly enough, despite this headache I felt ON TOP of the world  – and again that pesky term “in the flow” makes a brief, yet fleeting appearance here, my friend.

And those “in it ‘will know.

Anyway, here’s “Rahul’s Fibonacci sequence” for today – 33, 22, 12, 12 … and, well, so forth.

My abs started to cramp at around rep #66.

My thighs started to cramp at around rep #170.

My feet followed suit 5 reps or so later, and my neck – well – let’s just say it feels like it’s been through a grinder (I am NOT referring to my traps here, btw).

And as for my chest, it barely feels as if it’s been worked, and yet, it has this “swollen to the bone” look to it right about now.

There it is, my dear reader. Give this sort of a routine a whirl every once in a while, and let me know how you feel.



P.S. – I said 33 mins, did I? Well, I was WRONG – shave off yet another 2 minutes for my hasty scribbles (see yesterday’s post for more on this).

P.S #2 – And last, but not least … jump on to the ZERO EXCUSES train NOW, my friend.

The Book

I promise you the ride is WELL WORTH IT. 

P.S. #3 – Headaches? What are those??

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