Yet another “unplanned” workout

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And yes, thats precisely what it is – although the workout times are ALWAYS planned, I often go with the flow and simply “do” rather than worry too much about “how much”, “how many” etc.

That’s not to say I do nothing or I be lazy, of course. Most of the times (and as regular readers know) I end up doing more during these unplanned routines as I would normally – yesterday being a case in point.

For beginners, it’s obviously better to stick to a plan until you get comfortable with the workout and reach a certain level. Adapt and improvise accordingly after that.

Now, as for the plan, well I was strapped for time today (again – ARRRRGGGGHHH!). Planned  on a quick 100 squats -100 pushups routine before heading out the door, but it turned into more – 250 squats and a 100 pushups.

And the 100 pushups were all TOUGHIES – NO EASY ONES THERE!

That’s key during a short workout, btw. Keep it brutal – INTENSE – and do the TOUGHIES during short workouts (mine was about 18-20 minutes today and yes the toughies added in a few extra minutes – I generally get done with 100 pushups in less than 10 minutes …)

And thats that for now – I’m BUZZED! Ready to tackle whatever may lie ahead.

Oh, and I used a lot of visualization today as well. Not so much visualizing goals as I’ve spoken about, or visualizing the actual workout itself – but other “visuals”, seemingly completely unrelated to the exercises themselves – but – and here is the KEY – they ARE related.

I don’t mention it in the book, but I DO MENTION it in the videos, and the reason for that is that it’s far easier to just “say” certain things. Much like you never really learn the mechanics of a tough exercise without observing how it’s done – and the same holds true here.

The book is right HERE – The Book 

The videos are right HERE: – Videos

And that, my dear reader, really is THAT.

I’m out for now – back later.



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