I BE feeling GREAT

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Well, dear reader, that I AM! And on a “slow day” at that as I mentioned in my last post.

Most of this “buzz” is due to the “whoosh, whoosh” that I heard all throughout my workout, much like a bicycle tyre being inflated to capacity, and then deflated (but not rapidly).

And THAT is really what gets the engine going, my friend, regardless of what you do in life, be it exercise, work, or anything else that really matters.

Most folk look at me like I’m CRAZY when I repeatedly talk about deep breathing. So be it.

Matter of fact, most folks think I’m nuts anyway with regard to a lot of the stuff I say. Again, so be it.

Fact is though, RESULTS speak – and, well, mine DO SPEAK for themselves.

Someone once recently told (and I’m quoting verbatim), “Rahul, you have a passion for fitness, so you stay fit. The rest don’t”.

While there is indeed a lot of truth to the initial part of the statement (in fact I would  NOT be lying to say its more than 200% – and more – TRUE); the rest of it “leaves a lot to be said”.

I mean, how can you not enjoy exercise? How can you truly be “content” with a lard ass or fat gut poking out everywhere you go?

More to the point how can ANYONE regardless of ANYTHING not enjoy (I repeat, ENJOY) feeling THIS GREAT REGULARLY????

Tis impossible, my friend, that someone could HONESTLY answer “no” to that above question.

Of course its easier to just sit and mournfully shake one’s head as if to say “poor old me, I’ve never get there” and do NOTHING TO GET THERE.

And it’s easier to make excuses, criticize etc.

So be it, my friend. So be it.

I used to be the same darn way myself, so I know where your coming from. Well, I wasn’t quite the same way in terms of exercise and my dedication to my routines, but I WAS FAT at one stage in my life, and I make no bones about that: – http://0excusesfitness.com/videos/ (the short “intro” here has me saying it as well).

Point being, I took stock of where I was, both fitness wise and in life, and took STEPS – concrete STEPS aka action to change both these things, and, well …

Anyway, I think I mentioned it was going to be a squatting day.

Was that until rep #150, and I then switched to  pushups. 300 pushups, less than 45 minutes (the entire workout) – and I’m done.

This on a slow day, and if this post itself doesnt motivate you to get off your rear end, and as I said in my last post – do – SOMETHING – anything – then nothing ever will.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If your willing to do, but don’t know where to “look”, look no further, hehe : – The Book

P.S. #2 – And YES, I WILL get in workout #2 later as well! So much for slow days!

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