One of “those days”!

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Well, dear reader, it certainly is “one of THOSE days”, but NOT in the sense you might expect!

Woke up bright and early for a change (as opposed to my usual leisurely 10 AM “rouse the giant from slumber” time)  and dove straight into another novella I’m doing (Volume #4, to be specific).

That’s not fitness related, so I’ll spare you the details here – but – and here’s the point – this is one of the VERY RARE days that I’m not actually working on a book, and actually have the time to “market” myself, etc.

This happens to me once or twice a month. And it usually happens after I’ve “pounded” out a LOT of work in terms of writing, and ALSO after I’ve got through some tough, tough (albeit SHORT) BRUTAL workouts in addition to “everything else” going on.

My body feels like it’s been through a grinder, and the three SHORT, but INTENSE workouts that  I had yesterday (yeah I know, I just wrote about ONE) make me feel like I’ve been pulverized.

… and, believe it or not, I LOVE THIS FEELING!


And to top off the “Rahul the exercise “loon”” cake, I’m NOT going to rest. If anything, I’ve got more time for an extra long workout this morning, and I’m damn sure gonna partake of it.

Not that I took off from my writing, of course, but it wasn’t up to the usual “flesh out at least a Chapter” standards, hehe. All good though!

The key, however though in terms of exercise, business and LIFE in general is this – and something I keep mentioning on an almost daily basis – do SOMETHING.

If it’s working out, do 50 pushups if thats all you can take.

If it’s writing, or whatever business your involved in, make, or take some small steps TOWARDS headway on said biz/project.

And so forth. If it’s life – then – well – make TIME for something that really MATTERS – and DO.

Key, again, and I know I’m “carping upon it”, is it to “DO”, my friend.

As Twain famously once said, “simply nodding the head ain’t gonna rock the boat” (ok, I added in the  “ain’t”, but you get my drift).

Too many people just “flop down on the couch” (or car seat) and do the exact opposite.

Curiously enough that exact opposite is done with, well, extreme vim and vigor. Such as stuffing yourself to the gourd, by the way – something I do NOT recommend as a “pick me up”.

Or getting on social media. Or slumping down in front of the boob tube and “admiring the bods” on show (while secretly “programming” themselves to believe “they’ll never get there”).

And other such negativity.

Don’t fall into this TRAP, my friend. Do – SOMETHING – and you’ll soon see how quickly that something turns into a LOT!

As for me, I plan on working squats HEAVILY today, as well as my ALL TIME FAVORITE EXERCISE.

We’ll see how that goes. I’ll keep you posted.

For now though – if you workout today – make it the BEST one you’ve had in a LONG DARN TIME!

Best, and with VIM AND VIGOR

Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Yes it IS possible to work legs HEAVILY by doing BODYWEIGHT SQUATS ALONE!

P.S #2 – YES, it IS possible even if you don’t weigh a lot!

P.S #3 – If you don’t agree – well – DO THE THING – and then get back to me!

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