Today’s “strange” observations

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Well, given a lot of my observations sound “strange” (to a lot of people), I might as well just say “par for the course” when it comes to Rahul and 0 Excuses Fitness, hehe.

Anyway, today’s strange observation #1 is that (and the gym “pumpers” will REALLY freak out when they read this) – I got in an excellent shoulder – as well as CHEST – workout – by – doing – HIGH REP bodyweight squats today, better I normally do.

Yes, these squats WILL tax your chest and shoulders if done correctly, and those familiar with “breathing squats” will know what I’m talking about (even if you do those with weights).

You’ll see what I mean, my friend, when you do squats the way I do, the way they’ve been done for CENTURIES, and the way they SHOULD be done (and no, doing them with a barbell on your shoulders is NOT, in my opinion the ideal way).

And the “extra bit” today was me really EMPHASIZING my arm movements, and of course my breathing while going up and down, and THESE two things made all the difference.

When you come up in the bodyweight squat, don’t just “come up”. You EXPLODE up – and you don’t just do with your thighs – you do so with your entire body, with your arms being the primary “instigator” if that makes sense (and again those that have DONE it will know).

And if that sounded strange to ya, well what I’ve got to say NEXT will really sound like “I’m from the planet Mars and I’ve got small green feet”.

Here is “strange” (NOT) observation #2  – the balls of the feet are VERY IMPORTANT to executing certain types of pushups correctly, and key to improving in them.

That’s right – not just the squats, but the pushups as well.

And as for the pushups … well, I did 250 of them today as I usually do, so I should know (plus my usual 200 squats).

And this workout today took like 35 minutes TOPS, and this WITH stretching after it. This WITH breaks to “towel off a bit after the squats” but short breaks, nevertheless. And believe you me,  I didn’t do a single “easy” (or what people say is easy) “regular” pushup in all this.

(That “easy” military style pushup is more than enough for a lot of people, by the way, and if you don’t believe me – well – get down and give me 50 – or heck, even 30 in  PROPER form, and I think you’ll see what I mean).

And that’s how it should be – brief, intense routines that really get the heart, lungs and your muscles going.

I’m often asked as to how I get through my pushups so quickly while maintaining good form, excellent rhythm and breathing correctly.

Well, plenty of reasons, one being that I’ve been doing them a while. Do the thing, and you’ll have the power,  and I’ve said that so many times already that regular readers of this blog will probably find it inscribed on their gravestones, hehe.

Second, I remember that my breath is my power. Third, I visualize. Fourth, I focus. And so forth.

Amazingly enough, these are KEYS to achieving every goal in life, not just getting through push-ups, but to most people, they are just words on paper. Most folks reading this will be going “ho-hum, ok, focus, breathe” and then take a couple of shallow breaths and decide “it don’t work”.

That’s all fine and dandy. I’m really not interested in convincing those who refuse to learn, hehe.

Anyway, the other thing (amongst many) that I did today was I thought of the words “blast past your goals” while getting through my routine.

50 squats? No problem! BLAST PAST! And before I knew it, I was at 80, then a 100, and then 125. And then 150.

And the same thing for the pushups. As the rep count grew higher, I repeated this mantra to myself over and over again – and guess what – it WORKED.

So those are today’s tips, golden tips I should say. See if you can make them work for you!


P.S. – The book has an ENTIRE section on pushups, and there are plenty MORE keys in the book right here: – The Book

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