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Dear reader,

Well, I promised an update on the hill that I used to climb in “times bygone” (well, not that long ago actually but it feels like forever to be honest) – and here it is.

Actually, I don’t even know what to tell you right now – and why?

Because other than a bit of blood flowing to the thighs and (maybe – a huge maybe) the abdominal region, I feel nothing at all despite having completed the climb in like 90% humidity.

Bear in mind – this climb is NOT the easiest of climbs.

Bear in mind that (and as I’ve written about many a times) I felt like a Mack truck literally ran over me the first time I did this workout many years ago. Quite literally – my back was sore, my shoulders felt it and my thighs and calves were PULVERIZED.

Fast forward to the “times bygone” I mention in this post – and I’d still climb this hill daily, but for some reason it was getting easier and easier.

And now – I hardly ever climb it ever, despite (and again) it being an EXCELLENT workout for folks regardless of current fitness levels.

To be honest though – what I do at HOME  beats ANYTHING out there. I don’t care if it’s gyms, hiking, yoga, sports (and the three latter options aren’t bad options to be quite frank), but what I do at home in 30-45 minutes TOPS CANNOT, I repeat, CANNOT be beat for overall body HEALTH, strength, flexibility and ENDURANCE (yes, in that order).

In any case though, if you want to see detailed reports on hill climbs my OLD blog at should have plenty.

The BOOK has plenty as well – and those that have bought the book know what  I am talking about.

And as for buying the book – well – I think a lot of y’all probably remember Lady “C” who used to be a customer of mine (again, in “times bygone”). I think you remember the quid pro quo deal I offered her in that I knew she needed help with her fitness (and believe me, she DOES) and offered her the book on the “condition” she actually a) READS and b) DOES.

By an odd quirk I asked her this evening if she’d actually done what was in the book.

And her response?

Well – her response was that she couldn’t open the password protected file – but – somehow, and mysteriously she saw the “pictures” at the end of the book.

And I’m sorry to say it (and I didnt actually tell her that) , but if that isn’t the biggest crock of you know what there is out there, then I dont know WHAT is.

If you can open a password protected file long enough to scroll down to the very end of what some may consider to be a “humongous” document,  and view pictures, then you can damn well a) READ the book and b) if not do, at least look at the pictures of the EXERCISES!

But then again, thats what happens when one is in excuse mode, and sadly speaking, this lady is in “full on excuse mode” (as I stated before).

Anyway – no skin off my nose, lady, haha. I’ll quote that oft used Chinese saying one more time – you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink it.

And truth be told, it’s not my problem if it doesnt WANT to drink.

What do I mean? Well, this lady asked me “what if the customers don’t do what you say and don’t get fit”?

My response – I could care less. If someone buys the book and doesnt DO what is mentioned it and keeps wasting time with meaningless questions, excuses (galore!) and “it’s not better because … “rubbish …well, then there is literally no way this person will ever accomplish anything in their lives, let alone a fit body (or what they consider to be fit).

I can open a closed bottle with an “opener”. That sort of thing is NOT true for a “closed” mind. If someone does not, quite literally, want to open their mind to the possibilities ahead, well then all I have to say that person – No problem – carry on!

And so it goes.

Last, but not least, YES, I will be getting in workout #2 (or I suppose it should be #3) in tonight as well!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Those with open minds and a desire to DO may be interested in the following URL: – Videos

P.S. #2 – And no, just “watching” doesnt equate to DOING!

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