Getting back in the FLOW

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Dear reader,

Was a “hellatious” day (to borrow an expression from one of my all time favorite “color commentators”, “good ole JR”, hehe.

Yes, that sounds strange given I’m NOT A FAN of steroid crazed (pumped) monsters, but I AM a fan of how the WWE has successfully done biz, starting as it were from the ground up (quite literally).

I’m a huge fan of the current chairman and owner Vince Mc Mahon, and why?

Tons of reasons – work ethic, willingness to “do what it takes”, hard work, grit, determination, an IRON WILL to SUCCEED – despite all odds … and many more – but MOST OF ALL – the fact that he had a VISION.

I often speak about visualization and how successful people use it, and he’s one prime example.

Visualize, get in the flow – and DO – and watch your life change – for the better – RAPIDLY!

Anyhow, sometimes life happens despite your best efforts, and you get “out of flow”.

Negativity. Idiots. Dishonest folks. Constant whining and groaning. And so forth.

Hey – it happens to the best of us – and today was one prime example for us. Was a morning from hell, if I might say so, and was capped off by Lady “L” getting back to me with some rubbish about “Please help me for free”.

This “upstanding daughter of the soil” (who completely and quite directly IGNORED all agreements we had – business agreements) had the GALL to ask me for more free help.

I told her to sod off in no uncertain terms, of course. If there is something I hate more than people that waste time (Lady “L” and absolutely cannot and will not TOLERATE – it’s DISHONEST folks.

“Wah Wah, your so unkind” she went on.

Like I care.

What is ludicrous of course is that I gave her something CLOSE to my HEART – something I’m passionate about for FREE – to HELP her – and shes not only got the sheer AUDACITY to ask me for more (free!) “help” – but claims I’m unkind.

I give up – some people – hell, a LOT out there are just plain and simple IDIOTS.

Anyhow I figured a workout was the quickest way to get back in flow.

Figured I’d pump out around 150 squats. At about rep #200 I was interrupted by the water delivery guy and I got a nice little “mini” workout in lugging water bottles around the place.

20 liter water bottles – and for on these, and the EXCELLENT workout they can give you read the BOOK – The Book

And no it ain’t free.

At about rep #350 I figured I’d start in on pushups and so I did, but for whatever reason I couldnt really “get into them” as a few negative thoughts kept “returning”.

What did I do?

I sent a note of appreciation to a friend who has always been there for me through thick and thin. We never spend much time together due to the fact he’s busy with his own stuff – and I’m busy with mine – but it bears mentioning that we’re close friends – and when I finally said what I had to – it was like a HUGE burden had been lifted off my shoulders.

Got back in flow, so to speak – and all by sending a simple, albeit somewhat detailed note of appreciation to someone I CARED about.

And I’m going to send another one of those notes to another person I CARE DEEPLY about in a bit after sending this email (post).

I finished off my workout with – get this – not 50 – not 100 – but 130 of my favorite exercise.  AND THIS WAS THE ICING on the cake.

I literally breathed out the negative, and breathed in the positive – and I feel like a bazillion bucks now.

This email was about getting back in the flow, by the way.

By GOD, the “son of you know what” flowed, didnt it, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – This email contains about 5-7 GOLDEN tips – not only for workouts – but for LIFE – see if you can spot ’em!

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