Every angle, EVERY DIRECTION, every possible way!

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Dear reader,

One of the greatest things about training with your own bodyweight is that it literally allows you to train your body from EVERY possible angle, and every possible direction – and then some.

Why is this important?

Well, because real life isn’t “pushing a heavy weight from a bench”. Although I’ve got nothing against those that prefer the bench press, for instance, you can build far, far more functional strength (and more strength, period) by using your own bodyweight alone – and – and this is NOT up for argument by the way – build a FAR healthier body, period.

So much healthier than it ain’t even funny, my friend.

I don’t know about you but I’d bet the average gymnast is way stronger in most regards than Arnie is. And likely way healthier as well.

I’ve heard of bodybuilders drop dead after – get this – climbing a flight of stairs and hanging a painting on the wall. Believe it or not, tis true, and I’ve heard it from those that partook of the bodybuilding nonsense as well.

I’ve heard it from steroid users that have “gone over to the bright side from the dark as it were”, case in point being a dude a few years ago who used to be so “muscle bound” that he could barely move, let alone swim.

A couple of heart attacks later, and he finally saw the light. Unfortunately a lot of others never do, despite being literally shown the way.

You can take a horse to water, but you CANNOT “make” it drink if it doesn’t want to.

Anyway, just how do you get so strong and healthy from training with your own bodyweight from every possible direction?

Well, because a) it’s natural. You train as if you were an “animal”, a jungle cat, or a primate (let’s use that last one as an analogy since we’re closest to “apes”).

Give a baby chimpanzee your little finger, and he (or she) will literally grab on to – and SQUEEZE your little finger until you (and I ain’t kidding ya) CRY for mercy. Thats how they’re wired, by the way, and I’m sure you have seen baby monkeys grabbing on to the mothers by the front as the mothers move, seemingly without a care in the world, the extra weight being apparently “no bother” whatsoever.

An adult chimp could literally RIP your face off without even trying, and as for my all time favorite animal, the grizzly? Well, let us just say that grizzlies shift 600 lb dumpsters as if they were beach balls, and NO, I’m not kidding. Actual experiments have been conducted that prove this as fact.

Ever heard a ‘roo complain about the weight of a “baby roo” in the pouch? I haven’t but I’ve heard plenty of nuts complain about why “squats done the traditional way are bad for you” even though they’ve never done ’em.

I’ve never seen a grizzly “stick to a certain plane of motion” to build the hump on its back. Have you?

Key is – these animals naturally move their own bodyweight through every possible angle and direction day in and day out, and that is how they get so damned strong.

This sort of movement also gives the lungs, heart and entire cardio system a very thorough working over, and the deep breathing alone from this makes you stronger and makes you feel like a billion bucks.

I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

As for me, it was a 300 pushup day.  I couldn’t quite get into the squats though, but still hammered out 150 odd squats …

And those 300 were compromised of, well, what I normally do – but specifically 100 reps of my favorite exercise – – and 50 reps of my ALL TIME FAVORITE EXERCISE.

The 100 reps being done from every possible angle – and YES – some of which are NOT shown in the book as they are advanced variations.

But boy, do they work!

Finished off with 50 regular reps of my all time favorite exercise, and thats that for today.

If you train today – make it an AWESOME one – the BEST ever!



P.S. – Train the way of the “animal” – and this is HOW

Believe me – and trust me later – it WORKS.

P.S. #2 – Trust but verify, as Reagan once famously said? Well, look no further, my friend …



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