A workout done “almost entirely” on my back

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Dear reader,

Yup, you read THAT right – today’s workout was pretty much done on my back bar a few reps of other exercises.

This may come as a surprise to those that have read my “rails and rants” about exercises done while seated and on your back (namely, the bench press which in the long run is a RECIPE for DISASTER in terms of your shoulders).

And what did I do? A variant of my all time favorite exercise, except on the floor, and YES, while it was not strictly done “on my back”, that WAS the position I was pushing up from.

Want to know how this ONE exercise can develop thick, gnarly forearms literally PULSATING with power – power such as my friend mentioned a day or so ago – An “unnatural” pull in your grip?

Well, do them – my friend – and you’ll see for yourself.

I also did a 100 reps of my all time favorite exercise, and hit the usual 250 number. Threw in a 100 odd squats and stretches somewhere in there as well – stretches that stretch the entire body – and I’m not referring to bridging here which I’ll do later.

And as I return to the “earthly plane” (no, it’s NOT 4:20 A.M. for those wondering, but the buzz I get from this is far better than any other “earthly buzz” to be honest – I’m literally buzzing like a “motha” right now, hehe), I feel compelled to share a few FREE tips with you.

Yes, FREE – and amazingly enough most people will shake their heads and say “what the hell is this guy on” when they read ’em.

I’ve already given you ONE tip above, by the way … as for the second …

Would you believe it, for instance, if I told you that the key to improving your pushups and UNLOCKING your potential for flexibility in your entire body is to simply FLEX ONE BODY PART FOR TIME?

Probably not, but so be it. Most people probably wouldn’t believe the other tip I gave you the other day about improving your pushups as well, and no, I’m NOT going to repeat it here – do a “search” through the blog and you’ll find it yourself.

A lot of what I write in the blog is NOT mentioned EITHER in the book or videos.


Because its nigh impossible to cover a lifetime’s worth (or darn near, anyway) of learning into either a book or videos. Though I can and do give you plenty of additional tips in the videos that I can’t share in the book, there’s always something that comes to mind, my friend.

Always something different. Always something new. Always something that’ll help you improve – but only, and if and only you LET IT.

And if you don’t – so be it. Me care less, hehe.

There is a good buddy of mine who was recently worried about plagiarism (for a non fitness related product he is releasing, or should be releasing soon) and rightly so from a certain standpoint, but my answer to the same thing as far as 0 Excuses Fitness goes?

Me care less, hehe, and this would hold true regardless of anything I write, produce, or put out there, REGARDLESS of genre.

Copiers can copy, but can never do, or achieve anywhere near the original, and physical limitations is NOT why.

It’s a mental block, a block that is common to those who want “everything for free” (note – by “want” I mean “demand”, or the “entitlement mentality” in other words).

I’m pretty sure my book is already out there somewhere on a Torrent site. I KNOW FOR A FACT that a lot of my other NON-FITNESS pubs are being downloaded right now as we speak for free.

Does that stop sales? Believe it or not, the answer is NEGATIVE.

So if thats your thing, go for it, my friend. You won’t hear any real complaints from you on that one! And those that have read my other book “Zero to Hero” which will be up on THIS site next month KNOW why.

“If copiers were geniuses, printing shops would fly” – Rahul Mookerjee (Monday, Oct 02, 2017).

‘Tis a fact, my friend. ‘Tis fact.

And I’ll end on that sage note.


Rahul Mookerjee

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