My opinion on abdominal training devices and “gadgets”

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Dear reader,

Well, I’ve been meaning to post about THIS one for a while and now is the time.

I’ve been seeing a lot of sheer RUBBISH out there these days (it’s been going on for a while, of course), but it is only now for whatever reason that it’s caught my eye.

And my unabridged, candid, unbiased, and HONEST (and true!) opinion is that 99% of these gadgets, devices and “thingies” are  an absolute, utter and total waste of time and money.

In short – total crap – and not only that, they rarely ever work in terms of what the “buyer expects” (although the marketing is cleverly done – and not crap – hence the sales).

But marketing isn’t by the far the only reason they sell, though it’s one main reason. The main reason is that these gadgets, and therefore the commercials for them pander towards the average lazy couch potato, promising crap like “the lazy man’s way to quick abs”.

And in short – anything that promises you “quick fix” results, and that too by being “lazy” is promising you, quite literally, pie in the sky. It wouldn’t surprise me one damn bit if the fine print on these devices read “exercise and effort IS required” or something to that effect.

I’ll cover two of these gadgets in this post. There’s a lot of talk about “electric ab stimulators”, and “crunch simulators”

Both are an absolute waste of time, the first being even worse than the other. Apparently it delivers a tiny electrical shock to the abdominal regions, and this apparently gives you “ab muscles you can see” or some such rubbish.

Utter and total baloney, and yet these darn things sell. How a lot of these manufacturers haven’t been sued out of biz is beyond me, but then again, I suppose thats why they have the fine print, eh.

Look – something is better than nothing, and given the average couch potato does nothing, maybe it’ll help somewhat. Maybe the 120 kg person would lose a quarter of a kilo – but he’d gain it all back with the next beer or bag of chips. Fact.

As for the “crunch simulator”, this is only “bettered” (and I use that word in a negative connotation) by the “pec deck” in terms of being utterly worthless to build any sort of strength, functional or not.

Crunches by themselves are not the exercise I recommend anyway for your abs/core region – and my book doesnt have a single crunch in it.

Sit-ups are marginally better, and Fast and Furious Fitness DOES have sit ups in it, but my current methods are so far superior to crunches and situps (and deliver results accordingly) that “it ain’t even funny”.

And this blasted “crunch simulator” or whatever it’s called makes the already practically worthless crunch even more useless, “elevating your body so you can rock back and forth while watching TV and do crunches (Grandma, anyone)”?

Laugh away, dear reader, laugh away, but these products usually sold on the Internet or late night TV are laughable to the nth degree – and MORE.

Other hand, there are SOME devices that do provide you with a pretty good ab and core workout.

I once used a “wheel” with handles attached to it that you’d roll in and out while on your toes as if you were doing a pushup and while even THIS doesnt come CLOSE to the results you’ll achieve while doing FIVE reps of my all time favorite exercise on a REGULAR basis, it’s a fairly good workout by itself for those that do nothing, and WILL get you some results, although again nowhere near as close as those gotten the way I get ’em.

Then there is the good ole fashioned jump rope (or “skipping rope” as our readers from the U.K. would have it). You can get in a workout of your life with this one tool alone.

And so forth, but “some” is the keyword here. The majority of ab devices out there are like gyms – utterly useless for the most part – and the only reason they sell is they pander towards the “lazy man (or woman)’s mindset”.

Anyway, I would never, ever market my own product this way. While my marketing methods are indeed very unconventional, one thing I’m NEVER EVER GOING TO DO – and have never done – is promise folks pie in the sky.

I’ll never promise you any results that you won’t get PROVIDED you apply the right amount of effort, and do the RIGHT things.

I WILL however promise you ZERO results (thats right – a big fat ZERO) if you do nothing, and expect a “quick fix for the lazy man”. Not only that, that sort of quick fix just don’t exist, and I’m not talking about fitness alone – I’m talking about life here.

Ok, so I had to get that off my chest PRONTO – and now I have.

See y’all in tomorrow’s post!



PS – My stuff makes you work, work and work like you have never worked before, but curiously enough – it takes less than a quarter of the time to achieve more than double the results and in some cases MORE.

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