A “perfect rep” workout!

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Dear reader,

Well, that it was. Ever had a pushup workout where EVERY REP – every movement – EVERY BREATH, to be honest, was LETTER PERFECT?

I bet not – and given that most people “diss” pushups as being an useless exercise, good only to “tone” the arms (yes, believe it or not there’s plenty of garbage out there along these lines!)  – it wouldn’t come as surprise if you answered NO to that question.

But today’s post is not about the immense value pushups have, or even why they are my favorite exercise. Or even that my ALL TIME favorite exercise is a variant of a pushup …

Nah. Thats what the book and all the past posts on the blog are there for and if you need convincing even after that- well – then I’m sorry to say it pally, but 0 Excuses Fitness just ain’t for you. You’ll probably be better off doing “bunny crunches” at the local gym or “watching TV while scrolling through your smartphone and getting cardio in on the ole treadmill”.

(0 Excuses Fitness is right here by the way – The Book

And the videos are right HERE – Videos

And that last bit isn’t as far fetched as it may sound. Walk into any local gym and tell me what you see on the treadmills.

I rest my case!

Anyway, this workout of mine gave me an AB WORKOUT from HELL. And on that note I remember I posted about useless gadgets and gizmos out there on the market that promise to give you the “quick fix” to getting abs – i.e. the lazy man’s solution, and I also remember telling you they dont work, and telling you WHY.

Gizmos be damned, and even the useful ones do NOT work as well as a pushup workout done correctly does!

People often tell me “I get bored doing just pushups”.


HUH?? JUST pushups??

Dude (or lady!) if I could give you ONE exercise to do for the rest of your friggin’ life, which WOULD get you – and KEEP you in TOP shape, it would be the pushup!

Bored!!? How the hell can you get bored doing pushups on a regular basis and doing them correctly, and therefore feeling this GREAT – feeling ON TOP OF THE WORLD EVERY freaking day??

And looking great at that as well – although yes, the looks are a by-product and NOT the end goal.

Curiously enough, these same nuts are the ones with bulging bellies and the “gluteous” maximum of plenty if you notice, hehe. Man boobs. “Bingo wings” and so forth.

So it goes, my friend. I realize this may piss off a lot of people reading this, but like I said, ’tis fact. And if you can point out anything non-factual in what I’ve said (honestly non-factual), well, then I’m ALL EARS.

My thighs are sore as well today – so sore that I got in a 100 squats, but stopped thereafter – so I guess my tips DO work, eh?

Anyhow, I do my reps in perfect form anyway during a workout, so this ain’t new to me – but I REALLY slowed it down today. REALLY felt each breath, REALLY felt each rep, REALLY FELT EACH MUSCLE as it were!

And guess what it took the usual 45 minutes or so, and this along with stretching at the end of it.

And man – ARE MY abs sore now, hehe.

All for now – back again later!


P.S. – And yes, that 45 minutes included brief rest periods and the time it took to jot my thoughts down on paper as I normally ALWAYS do!

P.S. #2 – Bored doing pushups? Tom and Jerry might be just the solution for ya …

P.S #3 – Bored? Seriously? Get REAL, pally!


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