Reverse pushups – the BOOK!

Dear reader,

Well, well, WELL!

Or as a friend of mine from China would say “Oh, my gosh!”

That’s right – it’s finally out. The much awaited BOOK on REVERSE pushups, and the VERY BEST exercise there is, bar NONE, is finally out and without further ado, and its that darn important, here is where you should RUSH over to grab a copy – Pushups – REVERSE PUSHUPS – the best DARN EXERCISE!

I’ve been meaning to come out with this for a while now, but for some reason it didnt happen until today – when the “stars aligned”, and instead of focusing on a few other ventures I’ve got going on – I focused upon THIS – and, well, here’s the RESULT!

As for my workout today, you might imagine that the majority of it, was, well, what I just released a book about and you’d be right.

Did the usual 150 squats, and then moved on to the pushups.

80-85% of my workout was what I just said, and the other 15% ?

Well, I focused on making the “wrestler” pushups HARD, hard, and HARD! And a simple change in foot position was all it took to literally take that exercise to a whole another LEVEL.

‘Tis true. Incorporate that sort of thing into your workouts, and you’ll soon see you don’t need to do “ultra mega high” reps of everything. In fact, about 25 reps of real advanced stuff is all you really NEED – and all that even semi-advanced trainees can handle.

Of course, if you focus – and work upon improving – and set goals – well then, the sky is the limit, my friend. It truly is.

Somewhere in there I threw a few other pushups in, and hit the 250 mark before I knew it. And the other thing I really, really focused upon today in my 40 minute BLAST (and yes, there are two reasons I use that word – one is because I ENJOY what I do, and two, well, because I “BLAST” through my routines as I’ve mentioned before!)?

It’s a phrase. Starts with a “D” and ends with a “G”.

See if you can figure that one out (hint – I’m BUZZED!).



P.S. – This new course should be up on Amazon as well for you “Kindle” aficionados!

P.S.#2 – You can only really get maximum benefit from this (or any other “top” exercise) if you combine it with a sensible overall diet as well as EXERCISE routine. And I mention this in the book  as well.

Here is where you can get the skinny on the other stuff (and especially the exercise part) –