You’re the BEST!

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Dear reader,

Today’s workout and post comes STRAIGHT from the heart, as both always do, always have, and always will.

It might sounds strange I’m saying that about my workout, eh?

Well, perhaps, perhaps not – but let’s stick to the post.

EVERYTHING I’ve ever written in the past – and I mean every damn thing I’ve written – be it fitness books, NON-FITNESS related novellas (and I’ve done quite a few of those, NO pun intended in terms of the “done”),self help, technology,whatever it might be – but it comes straight from the EFFING heart, and it’s all TRUE (well, bar the novellas where I’ve obviously added in creative license, but even those are usually based upon true facts/occurrences).

And in that spirit, today’s post might come across as a ramble as a lot of my writing does at first glance – but not when you READ – and UNDERSTAND what is being written and – more importantly – the why – as in the FEELINGS behind the post.

It’s gonna be a long one. Hell, I took 1.5 pages of notes (A 4 sized paper) while working out today, and that IS a lot even by my normally verbose and unapologetically so standards.

Let’s start with the title of the post “You’re the best”.

Most of us are quick to tear each other, and ourselves down.

Most humans by their very (modern-day, I must say – this mentality was NOT there to this degree in times bygone) nature are quick to throw in the towel and look wistfully at the “select few” who HAVE achieved and who are, by sheer dint of results – the BEST and claim “Oh, them! We’ll never get there!” and then proceed to either “diss” those who are trying to achieve (while secretly envying them for having the gumption to “keep at it despite all odds”) or – more commonly – sink down on the ole couch and pop the next beer tab.

In terms of fitness, we all know what that translates into, and the same thing applies to LIFE in general.

Given the modern day tendency to diss others and never give credit where it is rightfully due, its somewhat understandable (though I don’ t agree with that type of mentality one damned bit) that “others” do this to “us”.

Yet, how many of us – YOU – have said “you are the best” to YOURSELF – and more importantly – truly believed in?

The timeless classic “Pyscho Cybernetics” by Dr Maxwell Maltz has this part about YOU BEING YOUR BIGGEST FAN, bar NONE.

He goes so far as to say that it matters not if there are (and I’m paraphrasing here, by the way) millions of folks cheering for you “in the bleachers” if you yourself arent there and don’t believe.

Conversely, it matters NOT if there is only person in said stands – that one person being YOU.

YOU are the only person that matters when it comes to the getting the most out of life, my friend. YOU – no excuses – just YOU!

When I trained today, I had the words “You’re the best” in my mind for reasons I’m not going to mention here.

And I thought about the few people that have ever believed in me, TRULY believed without a shadow of doubt, and amazingly enough, I could just come up with TWO names.

One being my grandfather who never said much, but words aren’t always necessary, my friend.

The attitude and vibe is, though, and for those that don’t remember the post about 4:30 A.M. swims (here it is again if you dont recall it – My grandfather’s unspoken training philosophy) you’ll know what I mean.

That pat on the back after undertaking a tough swim in the lake. That pat on the 6 year old Rahul’s back when he “finally” got over his fear of water snakes. “Letting a toddler, or close to it, at any rate, win at a game of chess”, if simply to instill that WINNING feeling in him.

Along the way, that winning feeling disappeared due to a variety of reasons, and though it sure as heck made a re-appearance, the point is most people never ever believed in me, or that I could ever accomplish anything in my life – and now that some of the results (not all – mind you – we never stop achieving!) are IN FRONT of them, well, they are quite frankly, at a complete and TOTAL loss for words!

I speak about this at length in my book “From 120 to 60 kgs ” … for those that are interested, take a gander HERE: – 

But “marketing” isnt the purpose here. I merely gave you that link so I don’t type another “story” in this email, hehe, although it threatens to turn into quite a ramble anyway at the time of typing this.

The other person that has always believed in me is too young to know it. Yet, she believed in me even before she was born, and still does – no matter what.

No matter how tough the odds – no matter how seemingly insurmountable the obstacles – she’s always, always, kept UNWAVERING faith in me, and that is ALL I’m going to say about that – and thats all that matters anyway.

There are those that we meet along the way, of course, that sometimes believe “without really knowing you”. My friend who I wrote about a few days earlier, the ex-Marine is one of these guys.

Curiously enough, my grandfather was in the Army as well.

Curiously enough, the only other guy who had a real influence in my life at around the age of 23-25 was in the Air Force.

See a common thread forming here?

Marines don’t make excuses, my friend. They set a goal – and they ACHIEVE – and they DO WHAT it takes to ACHIEVE that goal.

Ever heard a Marine complain about his shoulder hurting after doing a 100 pull-ups? Ever heard an infantryman complain “my buddy is too heavy” when he’s tugging him out of that WAR ZONE?

Real life, real people, and in many cases people the “sheeple” don’t want to hear about, but ’tis real life. No excuses, just do it – or DIE trying – and if you truly could’t accomplish the goal, well so what?

It wasn’t for lack of trying, thats for darn sure – and THAT, my friend is WHAT MATTERS.

Crypto babble for most out there I’m sure, but it’s true. ALL of it is true to a T if I may say so.

Anyway, as I trained the walls of the room seemed to close in around me. A “circle” seemed to form around me, and as I trained, I kept repeating the words “bestseller” and “success” to myself, except I didnt say it. I saw it in my mind’s eye as I BREATHED in and out.

DEEP inhales.

EVEN DEEPER exhales.


And so forth.

Given this frame of mined, you may think I achieved record reps in my workout today, right?

“Showl did”, but it didnt seem that way when I started out with 25 Hindu pushups and 13 reverse pushups (after 150 squats).

Ended up that way though. Ever pumped out a 300 rep pushup workout consisting of MOSTLY – get this – the best darn exercise there is and it’s derivatives?

Most people would be hard pressed to do ONE reverse pushup, let alone pump out an entire workout consisting of over 250 reps of this – and YES – I did finish off with 50 reps of my all time favorite exercise as usual.

That’s pretty much what I talk about in my 0 Excuses Fitness book when it comes to “Mastery”. Its far better to master ONE exercise than to be a “jack of all trades”.

Bored, you say? Need variety? Well, get that variety by all means, but at the same time remember the line above, and EMBLAZON it in your minds as it is one of the KEYS to success in not just fitness – in life in general.

Anyway, thats pretty much another reason I wrote the “Reverse pushups” book yesterday. Here it is for those that aren’t “in the know” – Reverse pushups – the BOOK!

and here is 0 Excuses Fitness — The Book

Look, when you do these exercises the way I teach, you don’t just get fit. You don’t just lose weight, and OODLES of it. You don’t just achieved the results I mention here – RESULTS as well as on the book page(s) themselves.

No – when you start doing these, and add in the right mindset along with the deep breathing, you, my friend, are WELL ON YOUR WAY to accomplishing ANYTHING you want to accomplish in your life, and I make NO bones when saying that.

And again – back “full circle” as it were to the workout and the title of the post.

“You’re the best”.

“You WILL – and HAVE – achieved!”


Success, my friend, is but inevitable if you enjoy the process, and truly enjoy it at that.

And I’ll end on that note. Back later!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I just looked through my notes and it seemed I missed something.  Remember the part about my “unnatural” grip I mentioned a few days ago? Well, there is MORE to the story than I mentioned in that post, and I’ll speak more on this later. Let’s just say it involved falling out of a bus on my (naturally weaker) right side, someone almost (unwittingly and unknowingly) CRUSHING my hand thereafter, and – fast forward to NOW – a case of turning my weak points into my STRONGEST points to the “point” that others compliment me routinely on it.

An “unnatural” pull in your grip

Read – enjoy – and back later!

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