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Dear reader,

Today’s observations during the “150 squat 200 pushup workout (#1 of course; #2 will come later)” …

Squats build the chest and shoulders – something I’ve been saying for AGES, but something which most people don’t believe when I first tell them.

And yes – this goes for BODYWEIGHT squats too! In fact, a set of 100 body weight squats done in proper CADENCE, form and RHYTHM can often times and in a lot of ways be a lot tougher than sets of 5 done with a heavy weight on your back.

Now, don’t get me wrong – though I do NOT advocate heavy weighted squats, done correctly they’re one of the better weight training exercises there is along with the deadlift, again when done correctly.

But the sheer BUZZ – the sheer PUMPED up feeling that you get in your chest and shoulders – the sheer “pick me up” effect … NOTHING beats body weight squats done at the right cadence, and with the right breathing.

Yes, my all time favorite exercise does – but I’m talking about squats here. Not push ups.

And guess what. It’s not necessarily the squatting portion of the workout that made my chest feel “far broader” after the workout. Although that portion IS key, it’s the “coming up” phase that really, really gets the lungs going and if you breathe right, this alone can make it your chest workout for the day.

Form is key though, as with all the other exercises I teach … and that is precisely why I created the videos. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth ten times that.

And for $99 – a LIFETIME VALUE – I think you agree it’s a runaway STEAL.

Grab ’em right here, right NOW –

Anyway, as usual, I was pressed for time and I approached the rest of the workout with a “see how it goes mentality in terms of sets, reps, and even the exercises themselves i.e. the choice of exercise”.

And guess what – I ended up with 200 pushups and 150 squats in – get this – less than 35 minutes.

That may seem “quick” considering it was all done in good form and with the RIGHT BREATHING – but it shouldn’t and likely will NOT come as a surprise to those that have watched me pound out 250 odd pushups in 25-27 minutes flat in the videos.

And the breathing, my friend, the breathing.

I know I carp on it a lot, but the BREATHING is what makes your entire routine WORTH IT.

Breathe in a shallow manner or dont focus upon your breathing at all – and you might as well NOT exercise at all, as doing your exercises without focusing upon your  BREATH – your POWER (as the old timers said , your breath IS, quite literally, your POWER) – you’ll get less than 10% of the benefits you would otherwise – if at all.

And so it goes at “0 Excuses Headquarters”. Back to writing my new book for now.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If you haven’t grabbed it already, what are you waiting for??

Reverse pushups – the BOOK!


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